As the name suggests, the maintenance management system is an application that helps in maintaining the smooth running of the operations in the laboratory. In laboratories you can find different chemicals that are kept to conduct the chemical processes or there might be some blood samples of the people for test. The information related to these are mostly stored through the pen, paper work.  All the information related to these stuffs can be stored in the laboratory management system with great ease. This will be one of the projects that will be very useful and will help to maintain the activities of the laboratory really well. Using this application, the user can report on new orders, receipt of maintenance and basic data entry process.

Maintenance Management System

The maintenance management system will be one of the projects that will help in improving the activities that take place in the laboratory. There will be many chemicals that will be present in the laboratory. Through this application, the nurses or the doctors can locate the position of the chemicals that is present in the laboratory. Even the blood samples of the particular person must be kept in the right place. The position of the blood samples of the particular person that is kept in the laboratory can also be maintained through this application.

There are mainly 4 modules that are there in maintenance management system application are as follows:

  • Users module: The new records of the users can be entered by entering the new records using username, password and confirm password.
  • Air conditioning maintenance module: This module will maintain the details of the air conditioning and cooling devices that are used within the enterprise.
  • Electricity maintenance module: This module will maintain the details of the electricity related matters that are offered to its employees.
  • Computer maintenance module: This module will deal with the matters related to the computer accessories like printers, fax etc.

Download source code:

download source code

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