In Student Projects 2019-2020 season we had given following project topics to our students. Students may pick best topic from this. If you have any idea you can share project topic in the comment box. All this projects will be published in the upcoming days.

Ideas for Student Projects 2019-2020

  • Personality prediction system
  • Website Review Tool & SEO Checker
  • Web Camera based Baby monitor
  • School security system
  • Online marketing tool
  • Luggage Import Export system
  • College event management system
  • Smart sticky notes
  • Client management system
  • Restaurant table availability checker
  • Wholesale Distributor Management system
  • Vehicle insurance management system
  • GST Tax calculator
  • Online Art Gallery
  • Sports shop management system
  • Live cricket score board
  • Kabaddi score board
  • Manpower management system
  • College festival management system
  • ID Card generator
  • Loan Management system
  • Lost articles and letters reconciliation system
  • Cloth shop Management system
  • Law system
  • Online furniture shop
  • Online text Encoding and decoding system
  • ERP for college
  • Inter college fest viewer
  • Artificial intelligence using chatbot
  • Employee salary system
  • Online actor/actress selection portal
  • GST Bill book
  • Online ration card
  • Online traffic checker
  • Web Based Pre-School Children Monitoring System
  • Fingerprint based ATM Machine
  • Online bouquet system
  • Automobiles showroom
  • Stationary purchasing management system
  • Marriage hall booking system
  • Online Art Gallery
  • Salary management system
  • Ceramic tile defect detection

For student Project video tutorial refer our Youtube Video gallery. We can developing above projects in PHP, VB.NET, Android, ASP.NET, JAVA. If you are looking for this project kindly contact us.


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