Here we shared Electricity Billing System Database design created using MySQL database. A Database is collection of related data, which can be of any size and complexity. The database for Electricity Billing System is organized into 9  tables. The tables are account admin, billing, customer, electricityboard, feedback, invoice, tariff.

Electricity Billing System Database tables

Table name: customer

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
cust_idint(10)Primary keyCustomer ID
cust_namevarchar(50)Not nullCustomer name
account_typevarchar(25)Not nullAccount type
addresstextNot nullCustomer address
statevarchar(25)Not nullState
cityvarchar(50)Not nullCity
pincodevarchar(10)Not nullPIN Code
email_idvarchar(25)Not nullCustomer Email ID
passwordvarchar(25)Not nullCustomer password
statusvarchar(10)Not nullCustomer status

Table name: account

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
account_idint(10)Primary keyAccount ID
cust_idint(10)Foreign keyCustomer ID from customer table
account_novarchar(25)Foreign keyElectricity Account number
electricityboard_idint(10)Not nullElectricity board id from electricity table
namevarchar(50)Not nullAccount holder name
addresstextNot nullAccount holder billing address
rr_numbervarchar(25)Not nullAccount RR number
statusvarchar(10)Not nullAccount status

Table name: admin

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
admin_idint(10)Primary keyAdmin ID
admin_namevarchar(25)Not nullAdministrator name
login_idvarchar(25)Not nullAdmin login ID
passwordvarchar(25)Not nullAdmin password
admin_typevarchar(20)Not nullLogin type – Admin or Employee
statusvarchar(10)Not nullAdmin status

Table name: billing

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
bill_noint(10)Primary keyBill number
cust_idint(10)Foreign keyCustomer ID from customer table
account_idint(10)Foreign keyAccount ID from account table
payment_modevarchar(25)Not nullPayment mode from billing table
payment_datedateNot nullBill amount Paid date
payment_timetimeNot nullBill amount Paid time
rr_numbervarchar(25)Not nullRR number from billing table
bill_amountfloat(10,2)Not nullTotal bill amount
paid_amountfloat(10,2)Not nullTotal paid amount
excess_paidfloat(10,2)Not nullExcess paid amount
statusvarchar(10)Not nullBilling payment status

Table name: electricityboard

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
electricityboard_idint(10)Primary keyElectricity board ID
electricityboardvarchar(25)Not nullElectricity board
logovarchar(100)Not nullElectricity board logo
notetextNot nullAny additional Note
statusvarchar(10)Not nullStatus

Table name: feedback

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
feedback_idint(10)Primary keyFeedback ID
cust_idint(10)Foreign keyCustomer ID from customer table
feedbacktextNot nullFeedback details
feedback_datedateNot nullFeedback date
statusvarchar(10)Not nullFeedback status

Table name: invoice

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
invoice_idint(10)Primary keyInvoice ID
electricityboard_idint(10)Foreign keyElectricity board ID from electricity board table
account_novarchar(25)Foreign keyAccount Number from account table
tariff_idint(10)Foreign keyTariff ID from tariff table
readingdatedateNot nullElectricity meter reading date
bill_novarchar(25)Not nullReceipt bill number
present_readingfloat(10,2)Not nullPresent reading detail
previous_readingfloat(10,2)Not nullPrevious reading detail
consumption_unitfloat(10,2)Not nullConsumption unit detail
fixed_chargefloat(10,2)Not nullMinimum fixed charge
energry_chargefloat(10,2)Not nullEnergy charge
taxfloat(10,2)Not nullTax amount in total
bill_amountfloat(10,2)Not nullTotal bill amount
interestfloat(10,2)Not nullInterest in percentage
previous_balancefloat(10,2)Not nullPrevious balance amount
interest_pre_balancefloat(10,2)Not nullPrevious interest balance amount
othersfloat(10,2)Not nullOther charges
creditfloat(10,2)Not nullCredit amount
consessionfloat(10,2)Not nullAny concession
net_amountfloat(10,2)Not nullGrand total
due_datedateNot nullLast date of bill payment
statusvarchar(10)Not nullInvoice status

Table name: tariff

Field nameTypeIndexDescription
tariff_idint(10)Primary keyTariff ID
tariff_typevarchar(50)Not nullTariff types
tariff_discriptiontextNot nullTariff description
statusvarchar(10)Not nullTariff status

Electricity Billing System ER Diagram

Electricity Billing System ER Diagram

Schema Diagram of Electricity Billing System:

Electricity Billing System Database design

DOWNLOAD Electricity Billing System Database design

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