This project Online Hospital Management System aims at to develop the software that covers all the aspects of management and operations of hospital. It enables healthcare providers to improve operational effectiveness, reduce costs, reduce medical errors, reduce time consumption and enhance delivery of quality of care.  This project will implement all the activities of the hospital in a computerized automated way to fasten the performance.

Online Hospital Management System

The main purpose of our system is to make hospital task easy and is to develop software that replaces the manual hospital system into automated healthcare management system. This document serves as the unambiguous guide for the developers of this software system. This project is to maintain the patient details, appointment reports and to calculate the bill of the patient. You can also manually edit any patient details and issue bill receipt to patient within few seconds.

Project Category:    RDBMS

Language(s) to be used: FRONT END: PHP 5.6

RDBMS Software used:    BACK END: MySQL server 5.3


  • Online appointment system for patients
  • In patient and Out patient report
  • Manage doctor account
  • Manage patient account
  • Create, manage appointment with patient
  • Create prescription for patient
  • Treatment report
  • Transaction reports of patient payment
  • Order medicines through online

Project modules:

  • Patient module:-
    • This is the patient Details page. Patient can register to the website in this module.
    • After registration patient can login to the system by entering login id and password.
  • Appointment module:-
    • This module is used to handle Daily Patient Appointment for the consultancy for a particular Time.
    • In this module patient can take appointments through online.
    • Receptionist can make offline appointment.
  • Treatment module:-  
    • This module is used to store each Patient Treatment details along with Date, tooth number.
  • Prescription module:- 
    • This module deals with the activities related to storing the Prescription for a patient like Dosage, days,
  • Dashboard module:-
    • Includes the authorization right to modify  master tables data’s and also some special Rights.
  • Billing module:-
    • PatientId, doctors charge, health card amount, room bill, medicine bill, total amount, No of days, Service charge, Operation theatre,Nursing care, Lab bill.
  • Order module:-
    • In this module the patient can send purchase request of medicines.
    • This will stores order details and delivery details.

Download project source code:

download complete project

Note: Kindly check backup folder to check database backup.

Video Preview:

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