As the name suggests, the Online Eye Care System is an application that will help in maintaining the details in the eye care clinic with great ease. The manual operations can also be done through this automated system. It will also help in maintaining the patients records without any difficulty. The treatment records can also be got through this application with great ease.

The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This will be one of the applications that will help in maintaining the details of the treatment that are given to the patients just with one mouse click. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on.

Objectives of the Project: The objective of “Online Eye Care System” is to provide a system where the user will feel easy to give an eye check up, order for specs or lens through online. The registered user has more benefits because of the system. The ordered lens or spectacles will be delivered to the customer’s home address and they pay either through online or cash on delivery. Paper consumption and time consumption is less by using this systematic software. Database is used to store the data’s and is cleared periodically. The system is free of bugs and is very easy to use. The system directs the user to carry on with the next step just by a few simple help lines.

Online Eye Care System

The doctor details like name, address and the patient treated can also be maintained through this application with great ease.

Project Modules of Eye Clinic:

The functions that are included in the online eye care system application are as follows:

  • Appointment details: The appointments that are placed by the patients on the particular day and time can be recorded through this application.
  • Patient details: The details of the patients like name, address, treatment details and the other medication details can be maintained with great ease.
  • Eye problems and diseases: The eye problems and the related diseases that a patient has can be maintained through this application.
  • Treatment details: The treatment details and the medications that are given to the patients can be obtained in just one mouse click without any difficulty.
  • Medical problem: The medications that are given to the patients for the particular eye problem can also be entered through this application.
  • Reports: The daily, weekly or monthly reports of the patients can be generated through this application.
  • Billing details: This will help in maintaining the billing details like the fees of the doctors can be maintained with great ease through this application.

The database name is onlineeyeclinic and it has 10 tables.

  1. admin: Admin table stores administrator records.
  2. appointment: Appointment table stores all appointment records taken by patient.
  3. branch : Branch table stores branch details.
  4. doctor: Doctor table has details of the doctor.
  5. doctor_bill: This table stores bills generated by doctors after consultation.
  6. orders: Patient ordered optical detail stores in this table.
  7. patient: Patient registration detail stores in this table.
  8. prescription: Prescription or medicine details stores in this table.
  9. products : This stores optical details . Glass, lense, etc.
  10. test : This table will store lab test records.

There are three types of users in this system.

  • Administrator
  • Doctor
  • Patient

Customer: First the customer needs to register to the website. After the registration customer can login to the site. Patient can view his appointment details and product order details in the patient dashboard. Patient can book appointment and he has option to cancel his appoinement.

Admin: In the Admin dashboard admin can view order details. Administrator can update his profile and he can change his existing password. Admin can view patient details and doctor details. Admin can set appoint schedule for patient and he can cancel the appointment. Administrator can add branch details, Other admin records, Doctor details, Patient details and product details. Admin can manage product inventory details.

Doctor: In the doctor panel doctor can view his appointment details. In the doctor dashboard he can update his profile and doctor can change his password. Doctors can view appointment details. and he can place order for patients.

  • Programming languages used:
  • Interface Design: HTML, CSS
  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End : MySQL
  • Validation : Javascript

Online Eye Clinic Project Scope:
This project is useful for the users to book for an appointment for an eye check up through the system rather than manually. The appointment details will be booked and on the prescribed date they can directly visit to the clinic. Ordering for lens or spectacles is easy just by providing the power of lenses.

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Live Demonstration: You can view project demo in the following link.

Default Login credentials for Online Eye Clinic:

Default login ID for admin is  : myadmin
Default password is : q1w2e3r4/
(Admin detail stored in admin table)

Default Login ID for doctor is : doctor
Default Password for doctor is : doctor
(Doctor profile stores in doctor table.)

Default Login ID for customer is :
Default password for customer is : patient
(patient table has customer detail.)

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  • bunny

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    i want this project with some additional fatures

    • anvith

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      Send us list of additional features. We try to help you..

  • Dinesh Kumar

    December 21, 2018 - 3:30 PM

    Your project is awesome and concepts included are perfect.i want to know that while developing the project with version of software you have used(both front end and back end). pls inform me. thanks in advance.

    • BIX

      December 21, 2018 - 6:40 PM

      Hello sir,
      Thanks for the credit. we have used following programming languages in our project.
      Designed using : HTML and CSS
      Front End: PHP
      Back End : MySQL
      Validation : Javascript

      It executes in xampp and wampp server

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