Clinic is a place where the doctors treat their patients for the disease that they are suffering from. Sometimes taking doctor’s appointment on the particular day involves a tedious task. There will be many reasons through which the appointment cannot be got by the patients. What if the appointments can be got through the online mode? Yes it is possible. The Online Clinic Appointment System will fulfill this task. This application will allow the patients to take the appointment and also to track the patient details without any difficulty. The user needs to register through this application to take the appointments. This application will automatically provide new appointments to the people.

The patients can register to this application by entering all the profile details. After that they can take the appointment from the particular doctor without any difficulty. The patients can check their appointment details, treatment and prescription details.

Online Clinic Appointment System

Programming Language:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

The features that can be included in the online clinic appointment system application are as follows:

  • Doctor’s profile: This application will show all the doctor’s profile that is present in the particular city can be updated.
  • Patient’s profile: This application can also show the patient’s profile for the particular doctor that they have consulted.
  • Online appointments: The online appointments that are there on the particular day for the particular doctor can be shown with great ease through this application.
  • Patient treatment reports: This application can also show the treatment reports of the patients.
  • Prescription report: The report related to the prescription that is given by the doctors can also be updated through this application.
  • Billings: The bills related to the fees of the patients can also be updated through this application.
  • Clinical tests: The reports related to the clinical test that are performed by the patients can also be updated through this application.

Download Online Clinic Appointment System:

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Download link contains:

  • Project Source code
  • Project Synopsis
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  • Database schema diagram
  • Detailed design document
  • ER Diagram
  • Project screenshots
  • Structure diagram
  • Test case

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