SMS Controlled Industrial Controller

A project which is developed to control the process in the industry and to check the status of the each process the proposed project i.e. SMS Controlled Industrial Controller is developed. Here we implemented this project using the LAB VIEW. Using this project we can monitor any number of process parameters in the industry. In the existing system it is very difficult for the user to monitor all the process in the industry because he has to be present all   the time and maintain system manually. If user is not present, entire system will get damaged.  To solve all these drawbacks and disadvantages of existing system proposed, new system is developed. The hardware requirements of the process are fulfilled by the hardware unit of this system.

The system will send a message when to user when there is any deviation in the process station of this project by using the LAB VIEW software. We have to set limitation value for parameters which we are monitoring process in the system. The operator will get the corresponding message about deviation in the process when parameter’s value exceeds its given range.

In the proposed system, by using the LAB VIEW software we can measure parameters like temperature, voltage, speed, current, level, pressure etc. The LPT terminal is used to connect hardware unit with the proposed system. We need to set the appropriate register values to the parallel port, which we are enabling in the system. In this program, performance of data acquisitions from different channels can be done by using ADC configuration, with respect to the time user can plot graphs for these values.

The communication between the operator and Pc is done through sending message between each other. The PC that is having the hardware interface unit which is connected with a mobile will send message to the operator’s mobile if the parameter value goes out of its range in the system. The system may get damaged if parameter value exceeds its limitations.

The following settings have to make to enable PC to send message to the other users of the system:

  1. By using VISA card, we have to establish serial communication.
  2. Once serial communication mode is set, we need to enter the other user’s phone number and the message that has to be sent to him. If there is any deviation in the parameter value system will indicates it.
  3. We can acquire data by using DIGITAL OUTPUT configuration. By setting a buzzer which will get ON automatically and alerts user when the acquired data went out of its limitation in this system. We have to set the data as 1 or 0 to ON and OFF the buzzer unit for indication purpose.
  4. DAC configuration is used to measure and control the Speed parameter. The parallel port is used to create connection between PC with the hardware unit of the proposed system and by accessing the serial port the PC will get connected to the mobile for sending message to the operator and other users.
  5. The data input in system can be counted using DIGITAL INPUT configuration, which counts the number of pulses for every five seconds and then converts it into rpm. Then by using DAC configuration we can compare the current speed with the set speed and data output. LPT terminal is used to monitor the speed value in the PC. The PC will send message to the operator if the parameter value crosses its range.


• In the field of industries this project is very useful to monitor the process.