The main purpose of developing the proposed Voice Operated Intelligent Fire Extinguisher Vehicle system is allowing the user to control the fire extinguishing robotic vehicle through a wireless device. The direction of the Robotic vehicle can be controlled by the voice commands of user using the camera mounted on vehicle. The proposed vehicle is having the facility of water jet spray which can spray water when required. Based on user’s voice commands sprinkler can be moved in any direction. The new robot controls and realization of new methods of control theory in the proposed system improves the capabilities of the remote fire extinguisher method. The problems in the existing robot control systems can be solved by the proposed system. The newly improved, intelligent and accurate robots are created by using new drivers, new robots control devices and advanced control algorithms in the proposed system. This system is helpful in controlling the various robotic applications through the voice commands of the user efficiently.

The most popular, widely used and efficient communication media which creates communication between the peoples is Speech. The communication between human and machine is developed due to many reasons like human’s curiosity about machines, to automate the daily routine works, to complete a work in less interval of time etc. The method which is used to take necessary actions by recognizing the voice commands of users is called Speech recognition. Microcontrollers are used to control the activities of Speech recognition module, wireless transceiver modules, obstacle detector, lamp, water jet spray, DC motors and buzzer in the proposed system. The first step towards human-machine communication is speech recognition.

The speech recognition module stores voice commands feeded by the user and that command will be readied by the micro controller which is connected to speech recognition module and it uses transceiver module to send the relevant data of that command to the fire extinguisher machine through wireless. The transceiver module on the robotic vehicle receives the command and command will be feeded to micro controller which controls motors, pump and lamp of vehicle by the transceiver module. The live images of the situation can be captured by the camera mounted in the vehicle and user can watch those images later. The buzzer system in the vehicle will make vibration to attract the user’s attention to the obstacles which are faced by vehicle. A program which is written in embedded ‘C’ language helps the Micro controller in performing this intelligent task.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. To develop a fire extinguisher vehicle system which works based on the voice commands of user.

  2. To mount a wireless video camera on vehicle to catch live images.

  3. Detecting the Obstacles.

  4. Facility of Night vision to make vehicle work on lowlight condition efficiently.

The project provides the following learning’s:

  1. How motor driver is needed in vehicle and working of DC motors

  2. Characteristics of detecting Obstacle.

  3. Steps in the Speech recognition module.

  4. How Micro controller and Speech recognition module are connected.

  5. Connection between Micro controller and Interfacing of transceiver modules.