As the name suggests, the video CD library management system is an application that is designed for tracking the sales activity that takes place in the video CD shops. There might be loss of the CD’s that are taken by the customers due to not noting down the details of the CD’s issued by the customers.  This may also result in lowering the sales activity. To solve these problems, video CD library management system will be very useful. This will help the owner of the CD shop to maintain all the details of the CD that are issued by the customers.

Video CD Library Management System

The first step would be to enter all the CD details that are present in the shop. This will be authorized only to the admin. The admin will be authorized to add, delete or update the records. The staff will be having only the read permission. By entering all the details of the CD’s, the owner will be having a correct picture of the sales that has taken place in the particular month or year. This application will also help in generating the sales reports with great ease. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. The features that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Customer database management: The customer details like name, address, contact number, details of the issued CD’s, payment details etc can be maintained through this application.
  • Billing: The billing will be done automatically when the details of the CD’s issued for the particular customer will be entered.
  • Sales management: The sales like how many CD’s sold or given for rent in a week or month can be calculated with great ease.
  • Reports: The sales reports can also be generated with great ease through this application.

Technology Used:

Front End: Visual Basic 6.0

Back end:  Micrsoft Access 2003

Download this project:

Download Project Source Code

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