Webcam in VB.NET – This project will explain how to make a webcam application in VB.NET. With the help of DirectShowLib.dll file, you can easily build a webcam image capture application in Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET). We can capture photo using DirectShowLib-2005. This code you can implement in any of your VB.NET project. In this project you can select camera, capture size, etc.

Webcam in VB.NET

Capture Image form webcam :- This project will connect inbuilt or any camera and it captures photo. user can select customized width and height. Even the user can view image name. The system stores captured photo in My Pictures folder. This project we developed using Visual studio 2012.

Please note: Add a reference to DirectShowLib-2005.dll to the project

Programming Language : VB.NET

Tested operating system: I did most tests on Windows 7, Windows 8 and windows 10.

Download demo Preview:

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Download Source code:

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I have searched a lot for this project and I spent so much time to develop this project. I hope this project will save your time. If you found any problem please report to me by comment at below