Ice-Cream Shop Management System

Ice-Cream Shop Management System

This project Ice-Cream Shop Management System for Ice cream Company is developed using VB.Net as Front-end and MS SQL Server as back-end. This project is prepared to help the admin to maintain the day to day operations. There is a single Admin who will keep track of all the users and file transactions. It is aimed at developing Sales and Inventory Management System of Ice Cream Company. This is one integrated system that is used by the admin where all the information will be authentic and secured.

Ice-Cream Shop Management System

The Ice-Cream Shop Management System will nurture the needs of an individual customer. The admin can easily access to the system and check for availability of the items. It is also developed to fulfill the needs of the company which allows to enter the details of the request & transaction, and preserving a soft copy of the records. It keeps track of employees of the company and the customers.


MODULES OF Ice-Cream Shop Management System

  • MASTER: Provides facility to the customer to select the required product. This master module contains sub-modules where it allows storing the raw materials, gives different types of flavour available. Provides the customer to choose various types of ice-cream, allows the customer to choose the product according to his satisfaction.
  • PRODUCTS DETAILS: This module allows adding, viewing and searching the products.
  • WORKERS DETAILS: Details of the employees are found where we can update the records.
  •    ORDERS: We can view the details of the orders which includes  customer and product details.
  • TRANSACTION: Delivering of products details can be maintained in this module.
  • PACKING: Allows storing and viewing the details about different packing materials.
  • BILL: Gives the bill of the product purchased by the customer, details about the bills pending and monthly expense of the company.
  • CONTACT: Display thedetails about the company.


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Download link contains Source code and project report.