Online Banking project

Online Banking project in PHP and MySQL

Online Banking project is the web based system for the bank which manages the day-to-day transactions of the bank and also allows the customers for balance enquiry, fund transfer to another account of the same bank, loan details, request for cheque books…
Employee Payroll

Employee Payroll and Task Management System

Employee Payroll And Task Management System will handle Employee attendance, Payroll accounting, Task Management, Salary calculations, etc are the main objectives of this web application. In this application administrator creates branches and he assign Branch manager in each branch. Branch manager will…

Online Shopping Cart

Online Shopping Cart project manages online Sales and Inventory System for a departmental store. In this web application the companies or sellers can sell products through online. This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, update the inventory…
Student Fees Management System

Student Fees Management System

Student Fees Management System is capable of managing each and every data regarding student, payments etc. Student Management System helps us in managing in an extremely efficient way. This Student Fees Management System works in an efficient manner.
Academic Alert System

Academic Alert System

The purpose of Academic Alert System is to give warning that identifies at-risk students prior to enrollment, identifies those who become at-risk at various points during the critical first year, and ensures follow up with intrusive interventions by academic advising professionals and…