Beauty Parlour Management System

Beauty Parlour Management System

Beauty Parlour Management System project is used for the Unisex salon which manages the day-to-day tasks of the salon as well as maintains the investments, stocks, clients, offers, employees and accounts which include the bills, expenses as well as the employee payroll.…
Construction management System

Building Construction Management System

The idea of this project is to develop Building Construction Management System which focuses on some modules of management of the construction shop. It allows users to maintain the records of the customers and also it allows doing the manual operations in…

Attendance System

The Attendance System is to keep track of all the employees about their attendance so that the company can calculate their basic salary according to their attendance.
Chennemane Gaming Software

Chennemane Gaming Software

Chennemane is the traditional folk game of Dakshina Kannada district. This game is played on a wooden board consisting of two parallel pits. The Chennemane Gaming Software is an application where the chennemane game is implemented. Even this game can be played…
Employee Payroll

Employee Payroll and Task Management System

Employee Payroll And Task Management System will handle Employee attendance, Payroll accounting, Task Management, Salary calculations, etc are the main objectives of this web application. In this application administrator creates branches and he assign Branch manager in each branch. Branch manager will…
E-Banking Project synopsis

Banking System project

This Banking System project is aimed at providing an automated system for banks for Maintaining of their ledger records and for generating reports and transaction in a very fast and efficient manner. The use of computerized management systems are becoming very popular…