Here is the List of student projects which we develop in this year. Kindly select the project topic and send us if you have any further  requirements. This is our E-mail id: studentprojectg[email protected] and this is our WhatsAPP number: 9972853368. Thanks in advance. You can check our project demonstration here.

List of student projects

List of student projects

  • GPS Based Transport Alert Tracking For Blind people.
  • SMS based security management system.
  • Mobile security system for women.
  • E – Crime File Management System Using Andriod Application.
  • Web Based Advertisement Management System.
  • Dental clinic patient management system with SMS feature.
  • Temple Management System
  • Petrol Bunk Management System.
  • Mobile Banking With Security.
  • Digital content Management system
  • Effective Website Structuring By User Navigation.
  • Television Service Through Internet Protocol Technology.
  • Online tourism and lodge booking system like
  • Graphical Color Password For Back Shouldering Attack
  • Metro Rail Ticket And Ticket Checker Using Android Application
  • Export Management System.
  • Mobile Application For Blind (Or) Low Vision People .
  • Alert Automation Management System.
  • Addressbook management system
  • Credit Card Transaction Fraud Detection Using By Hidden Markov Model.
  • Optimized Path Selection And Low Cost Packages For Travelling Users
  • Online classified site like
  • Student Attendance Tracking And Result Analysis System.
  • Facial Recognition attendance system.
  • Online directory management system.
  • A Secure And Privacy Reviews Of Mobile Social Networks.
  • Online Automobile Management System.
  • Secure Data Transmission Using Alpha Channel.
  • Checking Multiple Users Individually Using Batch Processing System.
  • Mobile Captcha security system.
  • Communication Information system
  • Self Checking Of Automated Teller Machine Against Attacker.
  • Face Recognition for Crime department.
  • Trouncing And Origin Of Data In Images.
  • patient Management system with SMS feature.
  • Intelligence Technical Discussion Forum For College Student.
  • Smart Employee HRMS system.
  • Windows OS monitoring system
  • Exact Knowledge Hiding Through Database Extension.
  • Cyber cafe auto billing and User record management system
  • Airport Management system.
  • Computer System Operation By Third Party Control Point Device.
  • Traffic Monitoring System Via Virtual Trip Line.
  • Neonatal For Free Doctor Consultation
  • Mobile Exam Result Automation.
  • Hacker Blocking Technology For Virtual Users.
  • A New Approach To Authentication Using Water Marking Technique.
  • Automobile Automation
  • Work In Progress Management System For Civil Promoters.
  • Protecting Flood Attacks In Disruption Tolerant Networks(Dtns)
  • Fault Tolerance For Proxy Based Storage System With Multiple Cloud Storage
  • Applying Proxy Re-Encryption Algorithm To Effective Provide The Security On Cloud.
  • Online Organ Donation Management System.
  • Android Tool For Police security.
  • A Protected Unwanted Message From User System
  • File Management system
  • Java code Editor(IDE).
  • An Effective Data Hiding Method For Binary Images In Morphological Transform.
  • Improving The Performance Of User Authentication Using Quantum Cryptography.
  • Automatic Semantic Content Extraction In Videos Using A Fuzzy Ontology And Rule – Based Model
  • Online website builder
  • Export Order Tracking System
  • Client Server Chat system
  • Anti-Money Laundering Service System Of Online Payment
  • A Novel One Time Password Mechanism For Authentication To Password Stealing And Password Reuse Attacks.
  • Dynamic Load Balancing For Distributed Mobile Mining.
  • Detecting Duplication Of Data From Hierarchical Structure.
  • Privacy Preserving approach For Data Publishing.
  • A Framework For Secure Data Communication And Key Distribution In Communication Network.
  • Human resource management system and payroll system.
  • Privacy Auditing For Secure Cloud Storage.
  • Cooperative Bank Management.
  • Energy Consumption On Cloud Computing.
  • Laboratory Report Through SMS Messages.
  • Smart Policies Of Employee Expenses Delivery In Cloud.
  • Real Time Application On Discussion Forum With Software Engineers.
  • Dynamic Channel Allocation For Wireless Zone Based Multicast & Broadcast Service.
  • Secret Data Transmission Through Video Signals
  • Insurance Management system
  • Dynamic Of Malware Spread In Decentralized Peer To Peer Network.
  • Innovative Method Of Operating Pc Without Using Mouse.
  • Finger Print Based Ration Shop Management.
  • Contract management system
  • Mobile phone lost detection system using GPS technology
  • Virtual Currency And Banking System.
  • Socialize Spontaneously With Mobile Applications By Using N-Tier Architecture.
  • Virtual District Of Electronics & Information Technology On Cloud
  • Packet Loss Prediction Based On End To End Authentication.
  • Cancer Care Foundation.
  • Gsm Based Positioning And Segmentation Of Cabs.
  • Automation Process For Health Care System
  • Lab Observer – Remote Monitoring System.
  • Scheduling Workflow Applications With Grid Computing
  • Mobile travel guide
  • Securely Managing Personal Health Record In Cloud Using Attribute Based Encryption.
  • Gestural Navigation System For Operating Computer System.
  • Optical Character Recognition.
  • Android Attack Application
  • Next Generation Shopping.
  • Image recognition system.
  • A New Approach For Unintelligible Image Cryptography Scheme
  • Reversible Data Hiding Using Cubism Image
  • Student Profile Database For Government School.
  • Indian Law – Tamilnadu In Android
  • Security Based Access Control Using Mobile Application
  • Time Constrained Data Destruction In Cloud.

Contact us for this project:

Contact us at [email protected] and our WhatsAPP number is +91-9972853368

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Lilyosor LD Dube
Lilyosor LD Dube
October 27, 2019 1:48 AM

hello i am looking for online invoicing management system for java and html. Kindly help it due on the first of november 2019

November 8, 2019 8:33 PM

I want medical appointment system in php

prakriti gyawali
prakriti gyawali
December 11, 2019 10:40 AM

hello i need online movie ticket reservation system in php and html

December 24, 2019 3:26 PM

i want online banking system

April 20, 2020 9:09 AM

I need a project on developing a new town or society

April 20, 2020 9:10 AM

kindly help me in this because after 1 day I have to submit it

David Bisky
David Bisky
June 25, 2020 7:52 PM

Hello, would your service making the Student manager with login, register, profile (rating student with star)

David Bisky
David Bisky
June 27, 2020 7:54 AM

ok i will 😀