The online mobile shopping project deals with the online buying of the mobiles by the customers. The customers who have logged into their account can only buy the mobiles. Others can only view the mobiles that are for sale. The online mobile shopping application will allow the customers to purchase the mobiles of their choice with ease through online mode. This will help in saving the energy, fuel, time needed to do the shopping by going to the shops. When it comes to the purchase of the mobiles, people will be very possessive of its features, quality, price and many more things. So this application will provide a choice to the customers to select among various mobile options that are available with great ease. The online mobile shopping project report will give the complete project report of online mobile shopping project.

Online Mobile Shopping

Project title:

Online Mobile Shopping Project Report

The features that can be included in online mobile shopping  application are as follows:

  • Customer database management system: The information of the customers doing the online mobile shopping must be maintained in a well organized way.
  • Description: There should be proper description of the mobiles that are meant to be sold.
  • Price: The price of the mobile should also be mentioned along with the description to prevent any further confusion.
  • Delivery boy: There should be some delivery boys available to deliver the mobiles ordered by the customers. Each area must be assigned different delivery boys.
  • On time delivery: The items purchased by the customers must be delivered on time without any delay and at the right time at the right place.
  • Order notifications: The order notifications will be sent to the customers about the orders.
  • Payment option: There should be proper specification of the payment options that needs to be given to the customers to pay for the particular order.

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