In this article we have shared Budget Approval System Project Report. Employees are the key factors of any organization that is concerned. Some organization will have the system of passing the bill amount that the employees have used for the various purposes related to the work. But sometimes the employees will not get the bill amount on the proper time and will not know the updates regarding it. At this time, this budget approval system will be of great help. The budget approval system is an application which helps the employees to submit the bills after being approved by the managers along with the scanned copy of the images of the bills. This application will also notify the employees about the status of bills.

Performance Appraisal Report

The employees can report about the malfunctioning about the devices.  Automatic generation of the salary can be done through this application. The system also generates the pay slips of the employees through this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The database must be strong enough to hold all the information.

The contents that can be included in the budge approval system application are as follows:

  • Introduction: The current scenario of the budget approval system is discussed. It also gives information about the proposed solution and its features.
  • Literature survey: The details of the process, servers and the root namespace are given in this context.
  • System analysis: The requirements specification, modules, identification of actors, use cases, sub use cases, activity diagram, collaboration diagram, sequence diagrams are given here.
  • Design: For design, the identification of classes is a must. Even the ER diagram, functional requirements, database design are given in this content.
  • Development procedure: The coding, technology part comes under this context.
  • Testing: The testing of all the part that is coded in previous context is done here.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion for the budget approval system is given in this context.

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