The web file management system is an application that will allow a user to store the file, images, videos, documents through the online mode and moreover in a secured manner. This application will allow the user to access the files, images, documents or videos stored at anytime and anywhere from the world. Even this application will allows downloading multiple files at one stretch. The documents that are stored in the local system may not be so safe. It may be lost if there is a system failure. This application will overcome such problem. The files can uploaded without any limit.

Web File Management System

The main aim of web file management system is to store the files online and share them securely with anyone. The files or documents that are stored will be safe and secure through this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. This application will help in multiple downloading of files with great ease. The downloading of files can be done with great ease through this application. The people having these applications can share the files or the documents that they have uploaded. The modules that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Login module: The user can login to the application through the authenticated username and password.
  • Accounts details: The administrator will maintain all the account details of the users with great ease.
  • Configuration module: This module will deal with the configuration details.
  • Upload module: This module will help in uploading the files, documents, images or videos through the online mode through this application.
  • File management module: The files or documents that are uploaded by the users will be managed by the admin with great ease.
  • Notification module: The notifications that are sent to the users will be handled through this module with great ease.

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