The 24*7 employee association system is an application that is designed to keep the records of the employees working in the bank. This can be very useful for maintaining the details just at one stretch. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world. All the branch employee records, branch details and designation details can be maintained with great ease through the use of this application. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world.

247 Employee Association System
247 Employee Association System

This application can help in reducing the pen paper work. It can provide an automated system for storing the details of the bank employees with great ease. This application will be very useful to the bank and also the management of the bank. All the necessary information can be got in just one mouse click through this application without any difficulty. The features that are included in the 24*7 employee association system application are as follows:

  • Employee records: The details of the employees working in the bank of particular branch will be updated through this application.
  • Branch details: The details of the bank branch like name, address, number of employees etc can be stored through this application with great ease.
  • Designation details: The details of the designation of the employees can be stored easily through this application with great ease.
  • Discussion forum: There can be a discussion forum where the employees can discuss some problems regarding the bank.
  • Latest news: This application can also show the latest news regarding the different branches of the bank with great ease.
  • Announcements: The employees can also view the announcements of the different bank branch with great ease through this application.

24X7 Bank Employee Association System

Project Front End: PHP 5.2

Project Back End: MySQL 5.5.32

Steps to configure this Project?

Kindly follow these steps properly to install and configure this project.

  1. Download the project. Download link is there in the bottom.
  2. Kindly install winzip or winrar to your pc to extract this project. If already installed then extract the .rar project file.
  3. Copy all the files under xampp -> htdocs folder
  4. The database backup is there in the DatabaseBackup folder. In the browser goto http://localhost/phpmyadmin.
  5. Create new Database employee_association then import employee_association.sql database.
  6. Configure database connection in dbconnection.php

Note: The project is tested and 100% working. If you have any issues with this project kindly post your queries in the comment box.

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