Social networking site is one of the leading ways of communication that takes place between the people these days. This project provides an idea of developing the application called as online social networking. The social networking sites include face book, twitter, LinkedIn and so on. People get to know of the people around the world through these social networking sites. Social Networking means a group of people come together to know each other through the facility of the internet. The online social networking project helps to share the videos, images, stories and lot of things. You can form small groups which helps you to share the information that is required through this project.

Online Social Networking

This will be one of the interesting projects that can be worked on. You will be able use this application only for the college or the school use. The teachers and the students can form a group and share only the study materials that are required during the examination. It will reduce the time consumed in getting the hard copy of the study materials. It can also be used in the organization where the employees and the higher authorities can form a group and share their views and opinions on different matters and policies of the organization so that one can try in improving it. The features that can be included in this project are as follows:

  • Sharing of videos, images: Through this project the people will be able share the images, videos among a group of people.
  • Database management of the people: The people who area apart of the groups or the social networking site application, their information needs to be stored in a well organized manner.
  • Knowledge can be gained: Through this application, it is also possible to share the knowledge based articles which results in the knowledge gain.

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