Nowadays most of the purchasing of the items that are needed for the daily basis, can be got through the online mode. There are many shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, Jabong, Shop Clues and many more. People without wasting much energy in going to the shops to buy the shopping items that are required can purchase it through the shopping websites. The Online Shopping System is the application that allows the users to shop online without going to the shops to buy them. This will help in saving the energy, fuel, time needed to do the shopping by going to the shops.

Online Shopping System

Online Shopping in Android

Any shopping website that is concerned will be able to attract more customers only if the items purchased will be delivered on time. The user interface should be simple and easy to understand even by the common people. The backend should have a strong database. This will be one of the interesting projects that the final year students can work on.

The features that can be included in the online shopping platform application are as follows:

  • Customer database management system: The information of the customers doing the online shopping must be maintained in a well organized way.
  • Description: There should be proper description that must be given to the items that are kept for sale.
  • Price: The price of the item should also be mentioned along with the description to prevent any further confusion.
  • Category: There must be various categories like clothes, accessories, electronic gadgets and so on which will help in easy searching for the items by the customers.
  • Delivery boy: There should be some delivery boys available to deliver the items that have been purchased by the customers. Each area must be assigned different delivery boys
  • On time delivery: The items purchased by the customers must be delivered on time without any delay.

Module Description :

The system consists of the following modules :

  • Master Maintenance : This module consists of information about the products and services. This includes two sub-modules, Product master and Price master.
  • Product master includes the information about particular product, such as product number, item, name, category, images of products, description, features, and constraints of products. All these will be entered to the database through product master and hence made available in the website. In Other words product master is the admin area for the vendors/sellers where they can put information about their products which are to be displayed in the website.
  • Price master deals with the cost of the product, discounts applicable for the particular product of a vendor/seller.
  • Transactions :In this module, management of shopping cart is done. This module will add the bought item to the shopping cart, where all items that are to be purchased can be reviewed once again after the item is bought from the cart. Payment will be done on Delivery of the items ( Cash On Delivery).
  •  Reporting :In this module all reports will be generated. Whenever a item is sold, or customer orders a product, its vendor should be sent an alert via email immediately so that he can ship that item soon.
    This module has 3 sub modules; Stock Reports, Order Reports and Delivery Reports.
  • Stock Report will produce reports of the quantity of the products available and product status.
  • Order Report will have the list of products ordered and the customer details who have bought that product, which are undelivered.
  • Delivery Reports will generate products list, which are delivered to customers.
  • House Keeping : This module takes care of data which are older than a certain period. It will allow the vendor to archive the reports generated or transaction and business history reported by Reporting module.

 Download online Shopping Source Code:

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