Agriculture Management System is to help farmers by providing all kinds agriculture related information in the website. Agriculture Management System is farmer management website application which helps farmers to give best-practice farming processes.It helps farmers to improve their productivity and profitability. It enables farmers to sell their productions through online and farmers can purchase tools and seeds directly from seller.Farmers can view labors profile and they can hire labors.

Agriculture Management System

Objective of the Agriculture Management System:

  • Developing Agriculture Management System is to help farmers in forming process.
  • The farmers can sell their products through online and the customer can buy that product.
  • Labour can update their details and farmers can view labors profile and they can hire labour.
  • The article and blogs sections helps farmers to improve their productivity and profitability.

Tools used in Project:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

Modules of this project:

  • Customer account module: Details about the customer such as customer name, address, number.
  • Product module: Details about the products such as product name, price, category, brandetc is stored.
  • Category module: Category module includes the lists of fruits,vegetable,seeds,agricultural equipment’s etc.
  • Location module: The user who has enter the location.
  • (Stock Report module): The product bought from the vender will be entered here and this will be added to the stock list.
  • (Seasons) :It include list of seasons fruits and vegetables.
  • (Advanced search) :
  • (Damage management): Damage management is a list of amount of vegetables which are rotten and cannot be sold.
  • Production module: The lists of fruits, vegetables or seeds etc which are produced by former.
  • Purchase request module:: It is the request sent by the vendor or client in order to place the order for fruits ,vegetables or seeds etc in bulk.
  • Purchase order module:
  • Payment module: different type of payment done here.
  • Seller module: (former)
  • labour module
  • Work request module:
  • Article and blog module: It is the info about
  • Dashboard module

Video Demonstration:

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