Asian Packers and Movers

Asian Packers and MoversIn India, we know only few things about the brake performance of commercial motor vehicles. The main reason behind collision of vehicles is due to faulty brakes and cost of brakes is more expensive for the trucking companies. Also force and wear of break are of great interest to the transportation community. We developed this project to check the performance of brakes in contrast with the existing method of visual inspection. For retrieving the break force and break wear over the life of new brakes in vehicles, scientists installed the Performance Based Brake Tester (PBBT) at Green County Weigh Station in Tennessee.

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Alumni Manager project

The main objective of the Alumni Manager project is to develop a repository for storing the information of old students/ alumni of the college. It is useful for the management of college to get information about students who studied before in same college. This application works through internet and any user can access this application all over the world. By using search engine any user can get to know about any old student of college but he can’t add that student to this system. Only alumni are having the right to moderate the database and add details like when he studied in that college& other details. This system works efficiently and provides alumni to fill the details according to the requirements of alumni. It updates alumni data quickly and automates the existing manual procedure. Any user can access this application at any time using internet.

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Video over Variable Bandwidth Links

Video over Variable Bandwidth Links

Presently most of people are using internet all over the world. It is a better network with time-varying bandwidth characteristics. A system which multicast the video through Internet must fulfill the various requirements and capabilities of the receiver. For this we need to use adaptive mechanisms. A mechanism which places a number of constraints on the network is called Real-time multimedia traffic. The problem of varying bandwidth in multimedia multicast application can be solved by using conventionally multi-layered transmission of data. Now, most of data flows are burst in nature and consumes more bandwidth.

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Energy Management with Zigbee

Energy Management with Zigbee

To decrease the global warming process we need to aim at reducing the emission of CO2. The CO2 emission can be reduced efficiently by decreasing the energy consumption.


The main aim of this Energy Management project is to control the energy consumption by using Zigbee router module.  The proposed system is based on wireless sensor network technology, it should be developed in very less cost and work efficiently.

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Train Scheduling and Simulation

The aspects of the Train Scheduling and Simulation are discussed in this project. In the existing system, we can schedule the trains only on sections which are having two lines. In this project, we will discuss about the algorithm which is used to schedule the trains on sections in two-lines. To simulate the train scheduling on three-line section which changes we need to make in the algorithm are discussed in this project. It also describes the advantage of third line in scheduling of the trains. The handling of test cases in train scheduling are also discussed in this report. The changes in the algorithm plays an important role in extending the sections having any number of lines.

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