Budget Approval System

Budget Approval SystemThe employees in an organization can submit all types of bills to their managers by using the proposed budget approval system. They can submit bills of various amounts and different types. After employee submits the bill, system automatically provides the manager’s name to which the bill will be submitted. The status of the bill can be viewed by the bill owner at any time and bill will pass through a workflow process. The concerned people will get to know about the status of the bill through email.

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ASIC Design of Complex Multiplier

ASIC Design Of Complex MultiplierAn old methodology of Indian mathematics which has a unique technique of calculations based on 16 Formulae is called as Vedic mathematics. In this paper, we are proposing a high-speed complex multiplier design (ASIC) by using Vedic Mathematics. We designed the multiplier and adder/sub-tractor unit with the help of ancient Indian mathematics i.e. Vedas. We can generate the partial products and sums in one step & can reduce the carry propagation from LSB to MSB by using those formulas. Read more about ASIC Design of Complex Multiplier

Bluetooth hotspot

Bluetooth hotspotNow Wi-Fi hotspots are becoming most popular. Laptops and PDAs have in-built Wi-Fi facility, so they can use these hotspots to access the internet. But Wi-Fi facility is not available in mobile phones. Now some of Nokia mobiles are having inbuilt Wi-Fi facility, but cost of these mobile phones are higher. But Bluetooth facility is now available even in lower end models. So we are developing Bluetooth hotspot where we can access internet in mobiles which are having Bluetooth facility. This is very useful for the common people to access internet easily.

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