Back to My Village

Back To My Village (BTMV) is a charity group of professionals who wants to  help the peoples in their village voluntarily.  Main aim of the proposed BTMV project is to provide Primary education to villager’s children, free health checkup and treatments to all villagers, creating awareness about the policies of government and fulfilling the basic needs of the villagers like water, road etc.

The members  of this group collide together, discuss about execution of various activities , listens to the suggestion/feedback/experience of other members, makes plans and implement various activities by using the website. The group also wants to support the others to join their group and  know about their contribution in various activities.

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Text Encryption and Decryption

Text Encryption and Decryption

Now, Cryptosystems are used to give protection to the sensitive information when it is shared among the users through internet. It will encode the information and only authorized users can decrypt that encrypted text. The encrypted text is called as Cipher Text. Cryptosystems plays a very important role in the electronic information exchange field.  The financial institutions and banks are using cryptography method to secure the transmission of critical, sensitive and private information through the Internet. Now secure and reliable exchange systems are very essential for the world’s economy during the e-commerce explosion.

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Automated Step Climber Robot

Automated Step Climber Robot

The human brain will control all activities of the human body like its motion, balance, co-ordination and reflex. It makes these activities to take place in the right co-ordination. Now we humans created many beautiful and useful creations using new technologies in science. Robot is one of such useful human creation. We developed the robot to minimize our work and to save our time. Robots will work based on our commands given to it and completes given task efficiently. Also now we are developing an electro-mechanical autonomous robotic vehicle which can run automatically on various routes and user can provide route direction to it. It is very useful for us to run a vehicle safely, by using multiple degrees of freedom it can move to various places efficiently. Also this vehicle reaches the destination place in less interval of time.

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A Framework for Correction of Multi-Bit Soft Errors

A Framework for Correction of Multi-Bit Soft Errors

Now multi-bit soft errors are becoming increasingly on-chip L2 caches due to increase in the chip density due to technology scaling and decrease in the minimum feature size. Due to increase in multi-bit errors we will face biggest problems like corruption of data and crashing of application programs. Normally, the techniques like Error detection/correction codes, Physical interleaving of cache bit lines to convert multi-bit errors into single-bit errors; and Cache scrubbing will protect the L2 caches from the soft errors. In this report, we will investigate about multi-bit soft error rates in large L2 caches and to solve these errors we develop a framework of solutions using amount of redundancy present in the memory hierarchy. We will check various new techniques to reduce the no. of multi-bit errors in large L2 caches, in which, simple error detection codes will detect the multi-bit errors and by using data redundancy in the memory hierarchy we will solve the multi-bit errors.

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Asian Packers and Movers

Asian Packers and MoversIn India, we know only few things about the brake performance of commercial motor vehicles. The main reason behind collision of vehicles is due to faulty brakes and cost of brakes is more expensive for the trucking companies. Also force and wear of break are of great interest to the transportation community. We developed this project to check the performance of brakes in contrast with the existing method of visual inspection. For retrieving the break force and break wear over the life of new brakes in vehicles, scientists installed the Performance Based Brake Tester (PBBT) at Green County Weigh Station in Tennessee.

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Alumni Manager project

The main objective of the Alumni Manager project is to develop a repository for storing the information of old students/ alumni of the college. It is useful for the management of college to get information about students who studied before in same college. This application works through internet and any user can access this application all over the world. By using search engine any user can get to know about any old student of college but he can’t add that student to this system. Only alumni are having the right to moderate the database and add details like when he studied in that college& other details. This system works efficiently and provides alumni to fill the details according to the requirements of alumni. It updates alumni data quickly and automates the existing manual procedure. Any user can access this application at any time using internet.

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