Bluetooth hotspot

Bluetooth hotspotNow Wi-Fi hotspots are becoming most popular. Laptops and PDAs have in-built Wi-Fi facility, so they can use these hotspots to access the internet. But Wi-Fi facility is not available in mobile phones. Now some of Nokia mobiles are having inbuilt Wi-Fi facility, but cost of these mobile phones are higher. But Bluetooth facility is now available even in lower end models. So we are developing Bluetooth hotspot where we can access internet in mobiles which are having Bluetooth facility. This is very useful for the common people to access internet easily.

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Asynchronous Transfer Mode Knockout Switch

Asynchronous Transfer Mode Knockout Switch

Asynchronous Transfer Mode Knockout Switch – An N-input N-output packet switch in which all inputs and outputs are working at the same bit rate is called as the Knockout Switch. Each fixed-length packet contains the address of the output port and in a time-slotted style, fixed-length packets arrives on the N-input. The Knockout switch has application in both virtual circuit and Datagram packet networks. We can control the average number of packet arrivals destined for a given output but we have no control on the specific arrival time of packets, on the inputs and their associated output addresses.

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Bank Account Validator

Bank Account ValidatorMain objective of this Bank Account Validator system is to help the online shops in validating the customer’s bank account, before he places order for products in those shops. Bank Account Validator (BAV) proposes object oriented Application Programming Interface to validate customer’s bank accounts. Presently only German bank accounts can be validated by BAV.

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