Medical Image Compression

We can transform an image from one form to another form by using this image compression method. Compression will minimize the size of image. Hospital management stores the medical images, which are helpful in studying the case history of the patient. But when storing these images they take large disk space in the hard disk. By using this Medical image compression technology we can reduce the disc space used by medical images ,without loss of any information.

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AMBA- Advanced High Performance Bus IP Block

The Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) is a member of AMBA (Advanced Micro controller Bus Architecture) family. This high performance bus is useful in the high clock frequency system modules. AHB supports connection between low-power peripheral macro cell functions and on-chip memories & off-chip external memory, the efficient connection of processors. The AHB performs as the high-performance system backbone bus. With the help of synthesis and automated test techniques, AHB is specified to ensure ease of use in an efficient design flow.

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Cotton School

We are developing the proposed Cotton School project by using ASP.Net as Front End and SQL server as back end. Main advantage of this web based application is it is not expensive and its hardware and software requirements are less compared to other applications. Schools which is having desktops/laptops and internet connection can use this application easily. They can access this application from anywhere, any time by successfully logging in to it. Bishop Cotton School uses centralized database and any user can access it by using a standard internet accessible system at any time. We can modify Cotton School project based on individual school requirements.

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Traffic and Road Condition Estimation using Smartphone Sensors

Traffic and Road Condition Estimation using Smartphone Sensors

Now, it is very difficult to control the road and traffic conditions in a city. Due to increase in traffic vehicle accidents are increasing nowadays. We proposed many methods to solve this problem. But several proposed techniques needs dedicated hardware like GPS devices and accelerometers to be fixed in vehicles or fix cameras on roadside and near traffic signals. But these techniques are expensive because it needs more human effort and its monetary cost is very high. These techniques need more human effort and their monetary cost is very high, so these techniques are expensive for our society. To reduce monetary cost and human effort we are developing the proposed Wolverine method, which controls the traffic with the help of sensors in the smart phones. It is a non-intrusive method. At first we will study about how to improve the algorithm based on using GPS and magnetometer, accelerometer sensor readings for traffic and road conditions detection. We are specifically interested in identifying braking events such as frequent braking will indicate congested traffic conditions and we can characterize the type of road with the help of bumps on the roads. To check the effectiveness of the proposed method, we applied this method on the roads in Mumbai and got success.

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