Chess Game By Email

Chess Game By Email

Chess Game is a very interesting and entertaining game. But two players should be available and they should have time to play the chess game. The players can play the chess game through internet by using this project. The opponent player will get the notification via email, when a player makes his move in this chess project.

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Automated Ballot Vote System

Automated Ballot Vote System

The main aim of the proposed Automated Ballot Vote System is automate the process of election proceedings that takes place between the government and the people. The flow of information at the different levels within the proposed automated ballot vote system must be consistent. The final verdict can get pending or stalled if there is any interruption in the flow of major data. The proposed automated ballot vote system should handle these kinds of situations efficiently.

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Reverse Power Protection of An Alternator

Today’s complex power scenario consumer wants continuous power supply. Therefore now generator has become the ultimate power source and generator’s function is the heart of power system. Hence we should protect the generator from the occurring problems. Based on the form of input energy we can run the generator as a motor or generator. The generator used here is a synchronous machine and it is synchronized with the grid i.e. the bus bar.

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Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair

Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel ChairThe main aim of the Tongue Motion Controlled Wheel Chair project is to provide a Tongue Drive System (TDS) with effective computer access to the people who are suffering from physical disabilities. TDS translates the intentions of user into control commands by finding and classifying their voluntary tongue motion with the help of a small permanent magnet placed on the tongue and an array of magnetic sensors mounted on an orthodontic brace inside or a headset outside the mouth. It is a tongue-operated unobtrusive assistive technology. With the help of an external TDS prototype, we developed a customized interface circuitry and implemented four control strategies to run a Powered Wheel Chair (PWC).

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The main objective of MyTMS project is to help the baseball teams. In this project the administrator user can add, edit and delete the players, games, statistics and seasons. The statistics of all baseball matches are stored in a MySQL database. The main advantage of this project is, it allows you to create multiple html files and upload them every time you update your team stats. In this project, you can store team files locally. But you can’t do these tasks in other statistics programs. MyTMS is a web based statistics program and it stores all information in MySQL database.

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