Crime Logger

The proposed Crime logger project is an interactive Web application. We developed this project in 3-tier architecture with Ajax features. The main aim of this project is to increase the efficiency of Police. The Criminal Justice System checks the sharing of information within the organization and across the States in the country. National Crime Records Bureau standardized Seven Integrated Police Forms to investigate the crimes and criminals at national level. These integrated forms will provide the information required by Criminal Justice System and they are taken as the basis for Criminal Justice System Crime Module development.

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Training and Placement Cell Management

The main aim of Training and Placement Cell Management project is to provide the automated system for on-line recording of academic details of third and final year students. This project is a web enabled application. By using this project, Training and Placement officer of a college can evaluate and handover the list of candidates of third year and final year. He can choose them on the basis of criterion specified conditions by the companies.

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Cyber Hotelier

The main aim of this proposed project is to develop a system to fulfil the requirements of guests in the hotel. This system should allow the customer to reserve the rooms in a hotel throughout the world. This is a computerized system. By using this system, the customer can check the availability of rooms in hotel and can make the room booking. Also, he can know information about the hotel. We can use this system to store the room booking information.

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