RFID Warehouse Robot

RFID Warehouse Robot

The main objective of the proposed project is to develop an autonomous robot which recognizes and picks the household items and store those items in the correct location. The main purpose of this project is to use the autonomous robot which has the capacity to recognize the household items by reading the tag on those items. The robot should pick-up the house hold items and by using follower module it should move those items to the prescribed destination to store the household items at the correct location.

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Online Defect Tracking System

The main objective of the proposed project is to develop an Online Defect Tracking System for the applications that are developed in an organization. With the help of internet, we can use the Defect Tracking System (DTS). By using this system we can detect the defects in an application or module, can assign those detected defects to the individuals and then search the solution to solve the defects. User maintenance, user access control, report generators, email notifications are the important features of the Defect Tracking System. This system is a web based application and we can access it in the organization.

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Credit Card Fraud Detection System

Project title is Distributed Data Mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection. Nowadays, credit card transactions are increasing very quickly and they taken a major share in the US payment system. This will increase the rate of stolen bank account numbers and cause huge loss to the banks. We developed improved fraud detection system to maintain the viability of the US payment system. Read more about Credit Card Fraud Detection System

File Security System

Encryption of data is used to protect the data from the unauthorized people and to avoid modification and misuse of the sensitive data. A Software which tries to converts the originality of the text into some encrypted form is called File Security System.

The main objective of this proposed system is to provide the flexibility of transferring the information to the user, to implement the encryption standards as per the proposed algorithms & specification and store the important information in a form that is unreadable by the unauthorized users. The proposed system should have a reversal process and when the user makes proper request, this process will decrypt the encrypted data to its original format.

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