Business Service Engine

The main objective of the Online Business Service Engine is to give solution and clarification to the queries and problems of the customers. An organization/company will have many products and services and they can offer those products & services to the customers. Based on the offered service or type of business, the customers may have many problems, doubts and complaints with company.  In this system, the user can submit his complaints and queries to the company/organization through online.

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SMTP Mail Server

The main objective of the SMTP MAIL SERVER project is to recognize the multiple users with the same login ID and to enable those users to send and receive the mails. The present environment requires a login ID for each user to handle the mail related information. In the present environment, each user should have a login ID to handle the mail related information. But two or more users can’t use the same login ID and personalized security on mail reception and transmission.

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Fire Fighting Robot

Nowadays, we need a device like Fire Fighting Robot that can detect and extinguish a fire automatically. Because many house fires originate when there is no one in the home or when peoples slept in their home. By developing this robot, we can save the people and their property. Also we can reduce the damage caused by the fire in a home.

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Career Path

Main aim of the career path project is to develop an online search portal that provides the Placement Details to the job seekers. This system is an online application. By providing proper login id and password, a person can access this system throughout the organization. After login to this system, job seekers can update their education details and can upload their CV. They can use this system as an online job portal. Company representatives or Visitors can log into this system and can search any information about the job seekers.

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E-Separation System

E-Separation System

E-Separation System is an enterprise application to automate the employee separation process. This system will automate the employee’s existing task to start the separation process and gets clearance from all departments through online. After obtaining the clearance from all departments, Human Resource Development will process the employee separation through online and it gives the relieving letter to the employee.

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