Digital Signature


The main objective of the Digital Signature software is to show the advertisements and information on a digital TV in the Bus stations, Railway Stations and other Public places. By using this software, we can show the advertisements on TV at the scheduled time. The user can specify the date & time, the image file, the video file and text to the software.

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Diamond Web-Hosting


The Diamond Web-Hosting project is a internet based catalog sales site. By using this project, the user can view the catalog and can add items to his personal shopping cart. After finishing the shopping, he can checkout and finalize the purchase of items. We can track the order information to illustrate the part of sample. But, there is no real time transaction. This project is user-friendly and works very efficiently.

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QA Survey

QA SURVEY project is an online survey application. By using this application, the users can create intuitive, powerful, online question-and-answer surveys. Thousands of participants can easily answer to these surveys. This survey software will give guidance to the participants. This application also focuses on how to install and administrate the application. The survey creators, administrators and report generation users are the main users of the QA survey project.

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Diagnostic Center


The main aim of the Diagnostic Center project is to develop a system for storing the information about different tests for patients in a hospital or a clinic. By using internet, the user can access the diagnostic center project. It is an internet based web application. This project is user friendly, completely menu driven and it works very efficiently.

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