Bi-directional Visitors Counter


The bi-directional visitors counter is developed to know the total number of visitors present in a room at any specific time. This counter will use the simple calculator instead of a counter-and display circuit. Here, the calculator is used as a normal calculator. This visitors counter is very helpful for the places like buildings, offices and movie theatres. All the components are easily available in the market and we can build the circuit easily.

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Valve Regrinding Machine

The main objective of this project is to develop a valve grinding machine to regrind the valves. Many valves and valve guides will not match properly. Hence, it needs regrinding of the valves. We can classify the grinding machines according to the type of surfaces they are used to produce. The surplus stock is removed to bring the valve to the required shape, size and surface finish. By forcing the revolving wheel against the valve or by feeding the valve against the revolving wheel, we can remove the surplus stock. Only skilled persons are allowed to operate the precision grinding machines. They should use the precision grinding machines carefully.

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