Call Center Executer

Nowadays the use of call centers becomes a famous method of providing valuable customer support, streamlining order taking and centralizing information services. So, now Call Center Executor is an important skill. The skills required to start and manage a call center are as follows.

  • Staff recruitment and personnel management.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Technical understanding of the options available.

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Ecommerce Storefront Application

Nowadays, the revolution in technology has provided many advantages to the businesses. Businesses should reach global customers and it should be cost effective and very efficient. Also it should overcome the problems in the fields like Logistics and Order fulfilment, Communication, Supply Chain, Research & Development, Procurement, Sales & Marketing etc. Businesses should provide better user experience to the customers, build good relationship with customers, should work more efficiently and must reduce costs.

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Chat Server

The main objective of the Chat Server package using MS ACCESS and JAVA is to develop a chat server which can teach a new user how to chat fluently and get well equipped with Chat server. It should be easy for users to make chat with other users. Communication is the main goal of our package. This package enables all the registered users to develop the good relationship with all types of people involved in the internet. Also it helps the user in gathering information about the various peoples involved in the internet. By using this chat server, the user will know about the culture of various peoples. The users can improve their communication skills.

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RFID Warehouse Robot

RFID Warehouse Robot

The main objective of the proposed project is to develop an autonomous robot which recognizes and picks the household items and store those items in the correct location. The main purpose of this project is to use the autonomous robot which has the capacity to recognize the household items by reading the tag on those items. The robot should pick-up the house hold items and by using follower module it should move those items to the prescribed destination to store the household items at the correct location.

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