Pedaling Dress Washing Machine

The main objective of the pedaling dress washing machine project is to save the electricity power. In this project, we developed a pedal washing machine. This washing machine does not require electricity power. Nowadays, we are using the electronic washing machines to wash the clothes. But common people are unable to buy and use these machines. Because these machines are very costly. We designed the pedal dress washing machine for the poor people. By using this washing machine, they can wash their clothes easily. It is very economical and user-friendly.

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Font propertys

Changing Font property, Color and Alignment on Runtime

Font is one of the factors that are responsible to make your websites look good on the system. All might be aware of the font properties that we use in day to day activities while working in the computer. Using different font properties the websites or the documents that you prepare can be made to look more attractive. The changing font property, color and alignment on run time in VB.Net will act as a guide in providing the details of the font properties that are present in VB.Net. This will be one of the applications that can help in understanding the users about the font dialog properties in VB.Net.

The different font properties that are available in VB.Net are as follows:

  • Color: The selected font color will be set through this property.
  • Font: The selected font will be set through this property.
  • AllowVerticalFonts: Indicates whether the dialog box sets or gets the vertical font.
  • FontMustExist: Error condition will be displayed if the user selects the font that is not available.
  • Maxsize: This property specifies the maximum point the user can select.
  • MinSize: This property specifies the minimum point the user can select.
  • ShowApply: This property sets the value if the dialog box contains apply button.
  • ShowColor: Sets the value if the dialog box displays the color choice.
  • ShowHelp: This property sets the value if the dialog box contains help button.

This tutorial explains Changing Font property, Color and Alignment on Runtime in VB.NET. This simple program which explains to change style, Fore color, and alignment on run time. FontDialog used to change font properties, ColorDialog property used to change color of the text in multiline textbox. Read more about Changing Font property, Color and Alignment on Runtime


Simple Calculator in VB.NET

As the name suggests, the simple calculator in VB.NET is an application that will allow the user to do some mathematical calculations and to calculate the results. The text color of the application can be customized easily through this application. Even if the application is quitted the calculations that are done will be saved easily through this application. This application can occupy the same look and feel in each and every device which will be having different resolutions. It is very easy to use just like the handheld calculator. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This will be one of the interesting applications that the final year students can implement in the real time world.

This application is easy to use with large buttons, clean and stylish design. This application will provide the basic functionalities that most of the people need for daily calculations. The features that can be included in the simple calculator application are as follows:

  • Advanced math operations: This application will allow to do some of the advanced math calculations like power of n, square root etc.
  • User friendly: The application will be user friendly since the user interface will be easy to use.
  • Speed: This application will help in the fast conversion of some of the quantities.
  • Save option: The calculations that are done using this application can be saved after the quit of the application.
  • Simple design: This application will be having the simple design and a easy user interface.
  • Calculation history: This application will help in displaying the calculations history of the last done calculations.
  • Modes: This application will help in supporting both the portrait and the landscape mode.
  • Large buttons: This application will be having large buttons which will help in reducing the errors.


This is a simple program which calculates two numbers. It has four buttons that is Addition, substraction, Multiplication, and Division. Two Textbox has inserted to add two numbers and the result displays in total text box. Read more about Simple Calculator in VB.NET

Student Project Allocation and Management


The main objective of this project is to develop a web-based system for managing the activities of Student Project Management and Online Testing. By using this system, the user can conduct the online test for students and can maintain a list of all student groups that have registered on this site. The Student Project Allocation and Management System makes short-list of students who have passed the eligibility criteria as set by the professors. Also, this system maintains the student database efficiently. It is very user-friendly and easy to use.

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Image Compression and De-compression

In document management and transmission systems, the compression and decompression of continuous-tone images is very important. This paper explains an image representation scheme to the standard Discrete Cosine Transformation (DCT). Based on Gaussian derivatives, we are developing this scheme inside a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) framework. By using this scheme, we can compress and decompress the continuous-tone images. This project is user-friendly and works very efficiently.

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