Analog Clock in VB.NET

Analog Clock in VB.NET

As the name suggests, the analog clock in VB.NET application is an application that will allow a person to set the alarm at the particular time and on the particular day. This application has the standard alarm clock features. It can help in tracking your sleep. You can set infinite number of alarms using this application. This application can also support countdown timers, reminders and can add notice to the calendar. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world.

This application can also provide some of the other features like weather updates for the day etc. This will be one of the applications that the final year students can work on and implement in real time world with great ease. This application can also help in the customizing the various features that are present in setting the alarms of their choice. This application can also provide you the feature of the automatic change of the tone of the alarm that is set by the user. This application can overcome the drawbacks that are present in the other alarm clock applications. The features that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Music alarms: This application can allow the person to choose the alarms with music.
  • Auto-snooze: This application can also provide the option of auto-snooze of the alarms that are set at the particular time.
  • Snooze button customization: This application can also help the users itself to customize the snooze button that is present.
  • Themes: The user will also be able to set the theme of his or her particular choice.
  • Alarm styles: This application can allow the user itself to choose the alarm styles of their choice.



Hello all, here I created an Analog Clock in VB.NET. Its very easy to create digital clock with ready function. But for analog clock we have to add some logic. Right now I created a simple clock, in future I may add some additional features like alarm, Events, Alert system, etc.

Analog Clock in VB.NET

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The main objective of this project is to provide security to the computer system. It will develop a system which asks the user to enter his personal password during computer booting. Once this software is installed in the PC, user cannot skip this process.

User can’t enter to the next screen without providing the correct password. If he entered wrong password then system reboots. We can prevent unauthorized entries in to our system by using this system. When user entered correct password then only he can make changes in the system like modifying his password and encryption key.

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Creepy Crawler System

Bug-tracking mechanism is used only in few large software development houses for many years. Most of the other companies were not bothered about the bug tracking mechanism. Instead they depend on the email and shared list to monitor the status of defects. This procedure is error-prone and it will cause those bugs judged by the developers to be ignored or dropped.

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Backside Accident Alert System for Four Wheeler

Backside Accident Alert System for Four Wheeler

Nowadays road accidents are very common in our society and these accidents will cause injuries to the common people. Sometimes people will die in the road accidents. We can’t predict when and how accident will occur. Today accidents are happening even for the standing vehicle by the other moving vehicle. We developed the Micro controller based Bus backside accident alert system to avoid such collision between vehicles. By using this system, we can avoid the accident between a vehicle and the other vehicle which is running/standing in the backside of the vehicle.

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File Security System in JAVA

Encryption of data is used to protect the data from the unauthorized people and to avoid modification and misuse of the sensitive data. A Software which tries to converts the originality of the text into some encrypted form is called File Security System. The main objective of this proposed system is to provide the flexibility of transferring the information to the user, to implement the encryption standards as per the proposed algorithms & specification and store the important information in a form that is unreadable by the unauthorized users. The proposed system should have a reversal process and when the user makes proper request, this process will decrypt the encrypted data to its original format.

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