Automatic Retrieval of Material from Storage

Automatic Retrieval of Material from StorageMain aim of the proposed project is to develop a robot that can be used as a material fetcher from a known storage. The model that we assumed here is a generic abstraction of several type of fetching purposes. It handles application in relling materials in a go down scenario or in a library or for an assembly line. Main objective of this robot is to fulfil the requests made to it in a matter which reduces the delay from the associated deadline. These requests are dynamic in nature. We can schedule and fetch the material by using a Fire Bird V Robot and a central server.

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Building AMBA AHB Compliant Memory Controller

Building An AMBA AHB Compliant Memory Controller

Nowadays performance of the microprocessor is improved rapidly. In contrast, bandwidths and memory latencies are less improved. The final result is, the system performance is limited by the memory access time. To solve this problem we designed and developed the Memory Controller (MC). The memory controller will control the memory of the system and it is integrated into the system chipset. It is a main part of the system. In this paper we explained how to develop an Advanced Micro controller Bus Architecture (AMBA) compliant MC as an Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) slave.

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Lending Tree

Main aim of the Lending Tree project is to facilitate the customer to apply for a loan through online and to track the status of loan at any time.  By using this project, the approval agency can check the customer’s loan file and then they can approve/reject that file. Lending Tree project is very useful for both the loan agency and customers and it provides a transparency system for everyone. The loan agency can check the pending customer’s file, assign it to all departments, complete the formalities and procedures between the departments, make decision whether to approve/reject customer’s loan request with the help of this proposed project.

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Chess Game By Email

Chess Game By Email

Chess Game is a very interesting and entertaining game. But two players should be available and they should have time to play the chess game. The players can play the chess game through internet by using this project. The opponent player will get the notification via email, when a player makes his move in this chess project.

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Automated Ballot Vote System

Automated Ballot Vote System

The main aim of the proposed Automated Ballot Vote System is automate the process of election proceedings that takes place between the government and the people. The flow of information at the different levels within the proposed automated ballot vote system must be consistent. The final verdict can get pending or stalled if there is any interruption in the flow of major data. The proposed automated ballot vote system should handle these kinds of situations efficiently.

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