Wireless Load Controller By GSM

GSM controller is a user-friendly and very low cost solution to control and monitor the load through your cell phone. It contains 4 contact closure inputs and 2 relay outputs. Here, the inputs can be connected to the flood detectors, thermostats and security sensors. We can control pumps, central heating boiler, lighting system etc by using the outputs. An optional wireless interface permits communicate with an expanding range of fire sensors and security, panic switches and heating thermostats for temperature control.

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Fingerprint Based Voting Machine

The main aim of the proposed project is to provide easy access to make vote in the voting machine with the help of fingerprint and to improve the security of the voting machine.

We can improve the security performance in the voting machine by using this project. In the proposed project, we are using user’s fingerprint as the Voter ID Card. Presently many people are making duplicate voter ID. To solve this problem we developed this project in which the human fingerprint is used to cast the vote. Hence with the help of fingerprint technology, we can avoid duplicate votes because finger print is different from one person to another person. Also we can improve the security performance of voting machine by using the proposed project.

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Remote Vehicle with Unlimited Range

In this proposed project, one mobile phone which controls the robot will makes call to another mobile phone attached to the robot. If any button is pressed during call, at the other end of the call we can hear a tone corresponding to the button pressed. This tone is defined as ‘dual tone-multiple-frequency’ (DTMF) tone. By using the phone connected in the robot, this robot will recognize the DTMF tone.

By using DTMF decoder MT8870, the ATmega16 micro controller will process the received tone. The DTMF decoder MT8870 will decodes the DTMF tone into its equivalent binary digit and this binary digit is transferred to the micro controller. The micro controller is used to take the decision on any given input and outputs and its decision to motor drivers in order to drive the motor for a turn or forward motion or backward motion.

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Speed Cash System

The main objective of this project is to transfer money from one place to another within a day. By using this system, we can generate various reports. Here, the information required for the money transfer is sent in the form of file on daily basis. This file contains the information such as DD (Demand Draft) details, remitter details, beneficiary details etc. The user sends this file from the source bank to the destination bank.

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