Result Alert System with E-mail and SMS

We implemented E-mail and SMS technology in this proposed project to get exam results quickly and efficiently. Presently candidates who written exam need to wait for long time to get their exam result, even after university/board published the result. To solve this problem we are developing the new system with E-mail and SMS. In this system, the candidates can get to know their exam result through SMS or email quickly. The candidates must give their E-mail Id and mobile number when they are making registration for the exam. Then, they can call to the result center and by providing their registration number they will get to know their exam result. Also candidate’s result will be sent to his email inbox automatically. This system will send the candidate’s exam result status as a message to his mobile number.

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Online Content Management system

Content Management System

We can manage the contents of a website by using the Content Management System(CMS). The content management application (CMA) and the content delivery application (CDA) are the two main elements of Content Management System. The content manager or author, who may not knowing Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) can manage the creation, modification, removal of the content from a Web site by using the CMA element. He doesn’t need the help of a webmaster to manage the contents of a website. The CDA element stores that information and updates the website by using that information. Web-based publishing, format management, revision control, indexing, search and retrieval of content are the main features of a CMS system.

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Blood Donation Agent System

Blood Donation Agent System

The main aim of Blood Donation Agent System project is to help the patients who are seeking for the fresh blood at a particular location. In this project, we are storing the information of the blood donors. The persons who are interested in donating the blood to patient should register in this project. There are no complications in this project because here we are not storing the blood. This software is fully integrated with Content Management System (CMS) and Customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The proposed project should save time, reduce the manual work and it should be user-friendly, easy to use. When the patient makes request for blood donation, this system provides the information of the blood donor.

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Face Recognition in e-attendance

Nowadays face recognition topic is attracting more attention in the society of network multimedia information access. Normally in all videos, people are centre of attraction. Network security, content indexing & retrieval and video compression benefits are the areas of the face recognition technology. The benefits of the face recognition technology are given below:

  • It increases the user -friendliness in human-computer communication.
  • It protects the password of a person from the hackers.

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VB.NET basic controls and its properties

VB.NET has a huge variety of controls that helps to create rich user interface. Here we created different types of most commonly used VB.NET controls and its properties. We created project to each controls. These examples are very easy to learn for beginners.
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Bulga Bag Planner

Main aim of the proposed project is to develop a system by which employees of a companyor organization can submit the bills to their managers. Employees can submit bills of various types and of various amounts. After submitting the bill to manager, this system will automatically provide the name of the manager to which the bill is submitted. Then the status of the bill can be viewed by the owner of the bill at any time and the bill will pass through a workflow process. The concerned people are informed about the status of their bill by an email.

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