Multilingual websites

Multilingual Website

The multilingual website is a multi Language website that provides contents of more than one languages. A project which is developed to create a website which supports different types of languages in UTF-8 format is called Multi-Lingual Website. Most of the peoples all over the world use English as common language for reading or writing, so this website also uses English as the primary language. Normal language options in this site are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and it provides user to add other local languages of India like Kannada, Oriya, and Malayalam etc. The English content in this site will be converted to other regional language content in the home page of proposed website. Read more about Multilingual Website

Online Advertising agency System

Online Advertising agency System

Ad Agency system which is developed to help its clients in developing their business by planning, creating handling and advertisement is called Online Advertising agency System. It is also referred as promotion of client’s business. It is helpful in selling the client’s products or services in easier and efficient way. It costs less to the clients and gives more profit. It works based on the strategies and rules of marketing. It is also helpful in promotion of client’s products. Read more about Online Advertising agency System

rf bluetooth

Child safety Monitoring System

Due to the busy lifestyle of today’s parents, its very difficult to monitor their children every time. The average home is responsible for the highest number of injuries amongst young children. So we created a wireless system to assist childminding and reduce the risk of child injury at home. Child safety Monitoring System, is a home-use system developed to always keep an eye on the children at home.  Read more about Child safety Monitoring System

Air Force Security System

Air Force Security System Using Thumb Checker

Project title is Air Force Security System Using Thumb Checker. Air Force Security System is developed to help the airport security in detecting the valid passport holders by using their finger print. It will check finger print of the passport holder with available records of finger prints. It will show an alert message to airport security if finger print matching is not found. If match found, then this system will check the passport holder’s behavior. It will play the emergency alarm if the behavior of passport holder is not good. If he committed any crime or offense then system will reject him.

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