Cordless Power Controller


Cordless Power Controller is a remote control. By using a cordless telephone, we developed the Cordless Power Controller (CPC). By connecting CPC to the telephone line, we can control the fans, bulbs and other electronic appliances of our home using our cordless phone. Based on the conventional DOT standards, we developed CPC as a standalone device. Cordless Power Controller is easy to use and works very efficiently.

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District Collector Management System


Nowadays, the number of people applying for the various purposes in the collector office is increasing very quickly.  Hence, the tasks of District Collector are becoming very tough. The district collector is the highly responsible officer. Because, he should take care of everything in his district. The District Collector Management System is developed to automate the tasks of district collector and to assist him in doing his duties. By using this system, the citizens can know the status of their jobs pending the office. Also, it improves the productivity of district collector’s office people. This system is user-friendly and it works very efficiently.

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Enterprise Fleet Management System


The main objective of the Enterprise Fleet Management project is to manage a fleet of vehicles easily and efficiently. We developed this project in conjunction with a group of industry representatives. Enterprise Fleet Management System provides the functionality to manage a vehicle from the time it entered into the business to the time it is disposed of. By using this system, you can make the best resource-to-shipment assignments. It is a modular based system and works very efficiently.

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