E2M Conference


Dynamic Intranet acts like a link between Units of an Organization usually a corporate company. Nowadays, it is very useful for an organization. The main objective of “E2M Conference” is to develop computerized system for a widely spread organization. This application should fulfil the basic requirements of an Organization like Document Viewing, Information sharing, Communication and document sharing. It also provides an easy and fast interface for the employees of an Organization.

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Pneumatic Chapathi Machine

Pneumatic Chapathi MachineThe main objective of Pneumatic Chapathi Machine project is to make chapathi using air pressure. In this project, the vanes are rotated by wind energy. The axle is connected with a set of gears. When the axle is rotated, the upper disk of the chapathi machine will move to up or down according to the direction of the air flow. This project is user-friendly and easy to use.

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