Agriculture Program Scheduling System

A project Agriculture Program Scheduling System, which is developed to help the Technical experts of Agriculture sector and Agriculture universities in conducting their programs about farming awareness for the farmers in the villages and in hill stations is called Agriculture assist system. In this project users can store their important data safely.

Existing System:

Indian economy is highly dependent on the Agriculture. Because more than 55% Indian citizens are farmers. Most of the farmers now get to know using the technology pesticides and fertilizers to improve the quality and quantity of crops like rice, wheat etc in the agriculture field. But they are not knowing about the new techniques of farming in agriculture sector. The problems which arise by using old techniques like polluted farming land, poor harvest etc can be solved by using new farming techniques and precautions.

Proposed System:

The technical experts of agriculture can prepare their schedule for conducting programs in the village by using the proposed system. They can also use this system to store the important data like PowerPoint presentation on seasonal crops, video clips about different types of crops and their related documents which can help the farmers in improving the quality and quantity of crops. Also farmers can ask their queries with experts and can get satisfactory solutions in the proposed system. It is very helpful for the persons who conducts event to create awareness about cultural forming, how to improve yielding of crops among the farmers. They can cross check their required stuff like document, videos for conducting an event in village. This project is web application developed using the AJAX software so peoples from different locations all over the India can work to develop in this section.

This project has the following features:

  1. The Professor of the agriculture university can create the topics and files about suitable climate, crops in specific areas to improve agriculture.
  2. The administrator of the proposed system can create the new users, new event and set roles for the user.
  3. Students can view schedule of events, post their doubts and query to experts, view expert’s reply.
  4. Person who conduct events can play video, audio files which helps in understanding techniques better to the farmers.


  • Admin
  • Professor
  • Student
  • Villager

Hardware Requirements:

RAM: minimum 512MB

Hard Disk: minimum 80GB or more

Operating System: Windows XP/7

Software Requirements:

Front End: ASP.NET with C#.NET

MS-Visual Studio .Net 2006, IDE

Operating System: Windows XP with SP2/Windows Vista

Back End: MS-SQL server 2005

Browser: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox

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