A Transport system which is developed to determine, estimate and absolves collision causes between two or more vehicles is called Intelligent Car TS (Intelligent Car Transport System). A correlative and cooperative wireless networking concept plays an important role in developing this proposed system.

The main aim of this mechanism is to prevent the collision between Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V). By exchanging information between vehicles periodically, awareness about the location of each and every vehicle we can give solution to the problem of collision between the vehicles. Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver is used to know the location of the vehicle which helps in maintaining the traffic in highly congested areas and avoids collision between the vehicles which causes damage to vehicle and humans inside vehicle. GPS system provides accurate location of vehicle by using dead-reckoning sensors, which is attached with GPS. GPS mechanism and local clock time enables two nearby vehicles to exchange information about their own movement in terms of exact position and can prevent collision between their vehicles.

The vehicle will get to know whether they are near to collision course with another vehicle or not by using these inputs. The characteristics of intelligent car transport system are given as below: fault tolerance, scalability, co-operation, cost efficiency and self-organized vehicular network. Communication Cluster is formed to facilitate these characteristics. The proposed Intelligent Car TS concept over a torus topology can be used to control the traffic of vehicles in the streets of Manhattan. The collision between vehicles is avoided by this proposed system which satisfies all user needs and above characteristics.

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