Hiding Of Host Image Using Cover Image

Hiding Of Host Image Using Cover Image

Now digital Medias are becoming very popular among peoples all over the world through World Wide Web sites. The intellectual property of data needs prevention of non-legal copy by unauthorized persons, verification of content integrity and protection of owner’s copyright. The requirements of robustness, security of the hidden data, imperceptibility, data hiding rate, capacity should be satisfied by the newly proposed Data hiding technique. The best and secured way to send and share the host image in a confidential manner is to hiding a host image in a cover image. By this technique we can send important host image efficiently and prevent its unauthorized access by the hackers.

For sending or sharing the image over WWW or via any secured communication over the electronic media the proposed technique i.e. hiding host image using cover image is very efficient and useful technique because we can share host image easily without bothering about loss or gained access by unauthorized users. The authorized user can decode host image only by using designed decoder, so host image is much secured. The host image can be embedded with cover image by using this technique.

We can produce a cipher text by encrypting the steganographic message (or the plain text) with some traditional means. Then cipher text is embedded in a cover text, which is modified by some traditional method. Only recipient can recover the message and decrypt the hidden message which is embedded with cover image by using the designed decoder technique. The characteristics of a cover text like spacing, typeface and letter size can be manipulated. Hiding technique also called as Science of hiding information.
When a receiver views a steganographic message (plain text) it looks like a picture, and article, a shopping list etc. Actually he views the cover text. This is the best technique to secure the most sensitive and important information. Also we can use invisible ink between the visible lines of innocuous documents to hide a message. Unauthorized user can’t access this message.
The hidden message which is written with steganography will not attract attention of recipients, messengers to themselves when we compare it with message written using cryptography. An unhidden coded message is not safe and will arouse suspicion even if we made it difficult to open that message and encryption is illegal in many countries. The covered message can be protected from unauthorized user if we use steganography and cryptography together.
We can protect the identities of content’s rights holders by using the properly designed audio watermarking technology. It allows watermark to travel with the content through any medium or channel format where the value of audio content is secured, while the integrity of the audio waveform is protected. Then watermarked audio content will become a message carrier irrespective of in which media format it lives. Sub-codes, encryption or audio compression rely on a specific format but audio watermark not relies on any specific format. The content which is to be protected should carry the watermark along with it.

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