Cordless Power Controller


Cordless Power Controller is a remote control. By using a cordless telephone, we developed the Cordless Power Controller (CPC). By connecting CPC to the telephone line, we can control the fans, bulbs and other electronic appliances of our home using our cordless phone. Based on the conventional DOT standards, we developed CPC as a standalone device. Cordless Power Controller is easy to use and works very efficiently.


CPC can control the devices depending on the codes entered through the telephone keypad. It can control ON/OFF with speed/intensity control device and ON/OFF control device. Intensity or speed variation is obtained by altering the phase of the gate pulses given to the triac for triggering it. CPC is a microcontroller 8051 based device.

Working of the CPC

1. On reset, CPC would be in the telephone mode. After the code has been entered, CPC switches from telephone mode to the power control mode (PCM). The indicator and the tone generator will indicate that the device has been selected. Then, the relay will disconnect the telephone from telephone lines.

2. In the PCM, we can select various electronic devices by dialling appropriate codes for each device. For example: 1 for bulb, 2 for fan.

3. By entering a different code, we can control the ON/OFF state of the device. For example: The code for fan is 2. By entering different code (i.e. 3), we can control the ON/OFF state of the fan.

4. If the device selected is fan, we can control the speed of fan by using two dedicated switches. One switch is used for increasing the speed of fan and another switch is used for decreasing the fan’s speed respectively.

5. The mode will change automatically to telephone mode when the phone is disconnected. Thus the device works in two modes. One is telephone mode and another mode is power control mode.