Securable Network in three-party Protocols

This project presents Quantum Key Distribution Protocols (QKDPs) to safeguard security in large networks, guiding in new directions in quantum cryptography and classical cryptography.

In this project, we proposed two mediator protocols to demonstrate the merits of new combination. They are given below:

1)      One mediator protocol with explicit mutual authentication

2)      Another mediator protocol with implicit user authentication

This project provides a new primitive called the Unbiased-Chosen Basis (UCB) assumption to prove the security of the proposed schemes.

The main advantages of the new combination are:

  • Two persons can share and use a long-term secret (repeatedly).
  • It provides security against the attacks like man-in-the-middle, eavesdropping and replay
  • It improves efficiency as the proposed protocols contain the many communication rounds among existing QKDPs.



Operating System: Windows XP/ 98/ 2000 or higher

Tools: Java Development Kit (JDK) 1.5.0

Technologies: J2SE (network, IO, Swings, Crypto)



Processor: Intel Pentium IV Processor or higher

RAM: Minimum 512 MB RAM

Hard Disk: 40GB HDD or more

Keyboard: 104 keys

Mouse: Optical Mouse