Audio Manager

An Mp3 is an audio file format. It is encoded from an Audio CD or other audio formats such as wav, ram etc… Nowadays, Mp3 is very famous format for music.

Today almost all Mp3 players supports Mp3 format audio files. The Mp3 files are of various quality. The mp3 audio file is classified by its bit-rate. If bit-rate of a file is less then its size will be small and if bit-rate of a file is large then its size will be big.
The main advantage of Mp3’s are given below:
1) Its ability to store the various information about the audio file such as the artist, album , year etc.. This is achieved with the help of a tag.

The main objective of this project is to develop a software which can store the contents of our Mp3 CD’s in a catalog based form. By using this software, we can manage large Mp3 cd’s collection. This software will help us to create a catalog of our Mp3 cds collection. With the help of this catalog, we can easily find all necessary files and folders. So that there is no need to insert Mp3 cds into the CD drive. We can sort the file, folder and catagory by the artist, creation date, name, album, location, attributes, etc. The software will notify the duplicate files in mp3 cd. By using this software, we can update the file, folder and disk information at any time.