Blood Bank Software

Blood Bank Software

The Blood Bank Software application for office automation. It is used to do all the office work computerized. The current system is graphical user interface. It does not support much functionality. It is partial automated system. The system will provide the user the option to look at the details of the existing Donor List, Blood Group and to add a new Donor. It also allows the user to modify the record. The administrator can alter all the system data. Read more about Blood Bank Software

Tourism System

Most of the people in this world like to travel from one place to another no matter whether it is a small or large distance. Some people like to travel by train, flight, bus or by any other means of transport. This tourism application is designed for the travel agency in which there is an option of doing the railway or air ticket reservation in order to reach the intended destination. The tourism system is one of the applications that will help the customers to book the air ticket or the railway tickets through this application of the travel agency. Booking of tickets will be done with a great ease and without any difficulty. This will be one of the interesting projects that one can work on and implement in real time world. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand.

The users can login to the system through the use of registered username and password. The features that can be included in tourism system are as follows:

  • Book tickets: The customers must be able to book the air tickets or railway tickets without any difficulty.
  • Show or cancel tickets: The application must show the details of the tickets booked and also provide an option of cancelling the booked tickets.
  • Available trains or flights: The application should show the trains or the flights that are available on the particular time.
  • Day of departure and arrival: The day, time and date of arrival and departure must mentioned without fail.
  • Generate fare: Based on the number of people travelling, the fare should be generated through this application.
  • Status: The application will be having the capability of generating the status of railway or the flights that the customers choose for travelling.
  • Schedules: The details of the trains or the railways and the schedules will be mentioned through this application.


Project title: Tourism System

Front End: Visual Basic 6.0

Back End: SQL Server Read more about Tourism System

hospital management system

Hospital Management System

No one in this world is perfectly alright in case of health. Each and everyone is suffering from some or the other sickness. To solve the health problems of the human beings, hospitals play a major role. You can do any work only if you have a good health. To make the work of the staffs at the hospitals, this hospital management system can play a major role. Hospital management system is the system which is developed to minimize the pen paper work at the hospitals. It is the system that is used in the hospitals to maintain the records of the patients, doctors, nurses and other hospital staffs. The details all these matters can be obtained in one mouse click.

The features that can be included in the hospital management system are as follows:

  • Patients database management: The details related to the patients like name, address, contact number, disease suffered from, treatment given and so on.
  • Staff database management: The details of the staff like the doctors, nurses, back staff, security and other details can be stored using this application.
  • Information at one stretch: The information of the staff and the patients can be obtained at just one stretch.

The people select the best among the hospitals by considering the management and the system followed in the hospitals. So to make the hospital as one of the best compared to others, there should be good medical assistance provided, disciplined management and should offer the best services. The hospital management system database project will help to reduce the pen paper work in the hospitals if not completely. There will be many patients admitted in the hospitals. There will be doctors who treat these patients. One doctor can treat many patients. So the doctor and the patient are related in the database. This database can also contain the information regarding the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other hospital staffs.


hospital management system

Project title: hospital management system

Front End: Visual basic 6.0 (VB 6.0)

Back End: Microsoft Access Read more about Hospital Management System