Dental Clinic Software

Dental Clinic Software Project

Dental clinic is the place where the patients get treated for the dental problems. There are many works in the dental clinic which are still done through the pen paper method. It may be the patient details, prescription, appointments etc. What if all these works are automated through the use of some application? Yes, it is possible through the use of dental clinic software project application. This application can help in easy entry of data into the application. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on with great ease. Patient’ s personal information, medical and dental history, treatment plan, case reports and statistics can be maintained through the automated way through the use of this application without any difficulty. Read more about Dental Clinic Software Project

Modules of Human Resources Information System

Human Resources Information System

Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software or solution to manage an organization’s workforce in a systematic way with the help of historical and projected data. It is highly customizable software that can meet every requirement of an organization’s HR functions. The mission of HRIS is to provide technical assistant to Human Resources Division so that it meets the requirements of Human Resources’ automation, data, records and information management. Read more about Human Resources Information System

Library Management System Database Project

Library Management System Database Project

As the name suggests, this database management system project is related to the storage of information regarding the library. Library is the place with the huge collection of books. It is place from where the students and the faculties issue the books for their reference purposes. But the maintenance of keeping the records of issuing and borrowing is difficult if you use a normal book as a registry. To make this task easier, the library management system database will be very useful. It helps in maintaining the information regarding the issuing and borrowing of books by the students and the faculties.

Library Management System Database Project
Read more about Library Management System Database Project

Age calculator in vb

VB.NET Program – Age Calculator

VB.NET Program – Age Calculator : This program will explain to calculate age by entering Date of Birth and Current date. After entering date of birth and Current date it will display birth day in the date of birth datetime picker and current day will display in the till now date time picker. In the result label it will display age in years with month and days. This is developed in VB.NET works with a very simple logic. Read more about VB.NET Program – Age Calculator

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