Bookstore Management Software

Bookstore is the place where the people will be able to get the books of their choice at reasonable price. There can be textbooks, story books and many other books available at the book store. But if it is the giant bookstore then the management of it will be very difficult. So the Bookstore Management Software will help in maintaining all these details at one stretch. The bookstore management system will help in maintaining the details of the books available, customers details, details of the books given on rent, sales record, employee’s details and many other details can be mentioned in this application.

Bookstore Management Software

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Tourism Management System Project

Luggage Import-Export System

Most of the people enjoy travelling across the globe. But during travelling, the luggage matter a lot. Sometimes import or the export service of the luggage will not be carried out properly. To solve the  problem of import and export of the luggages, this application will be of great help. Go ahead and send your luggage with the best possible system. As the name suggests the luggage import-export system deals with the importing or exporting of luggage of the passengers. It will be one of the interesting project ideas that one can work and implement. This application will help the import or export of the luggage with ease.

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