e-voting system

E-Voting System

e-voting system

As the name suggests, the e-voting system is an application that needs to be implemented for casting of votes by the people from anywhere in the world and at anytime. All of you have experienced the current voting system that is in practice. People go to the polling places, stand in long queues and caste their valuable votes. This is a hectic and a tiring task. Some people who stay abroad will not be able to cast their votes since only for the sake of casting votes they need to come to their hometown. The e- voting system will benefit such people who will not be able to cast their votes.

The features that can be included in the e-voting system are as follows:

  • People database management: The details of the people like name, age, poll booth and many other details can be stored in the database through this application.
  • Online vote: The people can cast their votes through the online mode.

We see many old people who will not be able to walk come to the polling places to cast their votes. People living abroad will be having a desire to cast their votes but it will not be possible for them to do so. At all these situations, the e-voting system comes into picture where no one will be having a reason to waste their valuable votes. This application will help the government to work better but also provides a chance for the people to enjoy a modern way of voting system. This application can be also applicable to the voting that take place in schools and colleges where the students can cast their votes through this application. This e-voting system can also be implemented in the organizations where the employees will be able to cast their votes regarding the new policy or rule that should be followed by everyone. Read more about E-Voting System


Online Advertisement Management System

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Real Estate Portal

Property is one of the essential factors that each and everyone want to own. The property may refer to the building that might have the office or the houses. It can be also given for rent or lease or kept for sale. Most of the people will not be aware of the good properties that are available in the city. The real estate portal application will help the small and the large enterprises to have database of the properties that are available in the city and at a lower cost so that it will be available at a reasonable cost to the people.

The real estate portal application will help the people to be aware of the properties that are available for rent or sale. It will help in smooth and easy functioning of the properties that are available in the city. You will also have a search option available which will help you to search for the properties that are available in a better way. It also requires a strong database at the back end. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. People will able to get the precise information about the properties that are available in the city. The modules that are included in the real estate portal application are as follows:

  • Registration module: This module will allow the customers to register to the real estate portal with great ease.
  • Login module: The customers can login once they have successfully registered through this module.
  • Property module: This module will show the property details like place, documents and the price of the property.
  • Quick search and advanced search: This module will allow the customers to search the property that are available in the particular area or region.
  • Advertisements: The admin will put up advertisements if necessary and the customers will be able to view it.

Project title: Real Estate Portal

Front End: ASP.NET

Back End: SQL Server Read more about Real Estate Portal

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