friend locator

Friend Locator on Mobiles

friend locator

In existing system, the user needs to call his friends and ask their current location.  Friends may tell the wrong location. But, the user will not know whether his friends telling truth or lie. We are developing friend locator application to solve this problem. By using this project, the user can find out his friend’s current location easily. Also, he can know the distance from his location to friend’s location. This android application is very user-friendly and easy to use. The user can install this application in his android mobile and find the location of his friends.

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ASP.NET Travel Management System

Mobile Travel Guide

Nowadays, thousands of tourists are visiting to the many famous tourist places all over India. They will hire a tourist guide to know the history of visited tourist place. The hired guide will provide detailed history of the tourist place. But, using a Mobile Travel Guide application doesn’t require a tourist guide. The tourist can install this mobile application in his mobile. This application acts as a travel guide and provides the complete history of the visited place.

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Mobile showroom Billing and Inventory Management System Project Synopsis

Mobile Security Application

Mobile Security Application application is for society. Now a days Safety is very much concerning especially for women. There are several cases occurring on a daily basis such as Crimes against people, murder case, aggravated assault, robbery case, women’s violence or torture, etc and we are all aware of importance of women’s safety, but we must realize that they should be properly protected. Women’s are not as physically strong as men, in an emergency situation a helping hand would be a relief for them. The main objectives of Mobile Security Application project is to analyse and build a social security application which helps the user to ensure their safety using their mobile devices.

Mobile Security Application

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