JAVA Library Management System

As the name suggests, the JAVA Library Management System project is related to the storage of information regarding the library developed using JAVA. Library is the place with the huge collection of books. It is place from where the students and the…
Online Bookstore Project

Online Bookstore

As the name suggests, the online bookstore is the project through which one will be able to buy and sell the books through online mode. People will be very lazy to go to the book store to buy that book. But if there is online bookstore which will solve the problem of going near the bookstore to buy the book then why not use it economically? It will also help in saving the time, fuel, energy etc. It will be also useful for the small vendors to sell their books online and make more profit out of it. You will be able to buy the books at anytime from anywhere.
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Employee Attendance Management System

Employee Attendance Management System

An employee is a very important part of the any organizations. Without the employees, there would not be any proper functioning of the organization. The attendance of the employees in the organization should be kept in track by the authorities in charge of it. Some organizations will be having only a small amount of people in which case the maintenance of the attendance of all the employees will be quiet easier. But what if the organization consists of thousands of employees? It will be very difficult to maintain through the pen paper method. In such cases, the employee attendance management system will be very useful.
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Student Result System

Result is a key deciding factor of the student’s performance. It will decide how the student has performed in the particular examination. Each and every exam that a student attends will be having its own results. It might be pass or fail. Sometimes there will be grade system or mark system to indicate the result of the student. The student result system project idea will help the students to access the result in just one click. It will also save time and promote transparency. It will also provide the students to learn from the past experience and score better in the next examination.

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Online voting system

Every person who is the citizen of his country has a basic fundamental right of casting votes to the candidates of their choice. The online voting system is an application that needs to be implemented for casting of votes by the people from anywhere in the world and at anytime. People go to the polling places, stand in long queues and caste their valuable votes. This is a hectic and a tiring task. Some people who stay abroad will not be able to cast their votes since only for the sake of casting votes they need to come to their hometown.
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