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Child safety Monitoring System

Due to the busy lifestyle of today’s parents, its very difficult to monitor their children every time. The average home is responsible for the highest number of injuries amongst young children. So we created a¬†wireless system to assist childminding and reduce the risk of child injury at home. Child safety Monitoring System, is a home-use system developed to always keep an eye on the children at home.¬† Read more about Child safety Monitoring System

POS Software

POS Software

POS Software is a point of sale software system for retail stores. This software includes features like product stocks, sales report, customer report, Acccounts details, Time and attendance tracking system, Inventory management system, etc.  The POS in various retail industries uses  wide variety of hardware tools  i.e; touch screen, cash register machine, bar code, SMS kit to this software. We can develop this software using VB.NET programming language and SQL Server database.

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