Nowadays, thousands of tourists are visiting to the many famous tourist places all over India. They will hire a tourist guide to know the history of visited tourist place. The hired guide will provide detailed history of the tourist place. But, using a Mobile Travel Guide application doesn’t require a tourist guide. The tourist can install this mobile application in his mobile. This application acts as a travel guide and provides the complete history of the visited place.


The Mobile Travel Guide is user-friendly and works very efficiently. The main features of this mobile application are given below:

  1. Mobile Travel Guide converts the Latitude/longitude to street address.
  2. It retrieves the user’s current geological coordinates.
  3. By using this application, the user can search for video about tourist place. Then, he can select a video and watch it.
  4. Also, this application provides the current location details.

Server Application

The server application includes:

  • REST: (Representational State Transfer protocol)
  • WCF: (Windows communication Foundation) REST service.

Mobile Application

The main features of mobile application are given below.

  • Video Search
  • Video player
  • Location finder
  • Settings

Software Requirements

Android Google API 1.5 or higher

Sun JDK 5 or higher

Eclipse 3.4 or higher

Android Development Tool plug-in

Hardware Requirements

Android phone with GPS and GPRS