SMS Based Mobile Banking

As the name suggests, the SMS based mobile banking is an application that will allow the customers to carry out the transactions through the use of SMS send through the smart phones. Nowadays the mobile banking facility is gaining a lot of importance. This SMS based mobile banking is already gaining importance in the western countries but not used in our country. The SMS based mobile banking can work in any kind of phones. It does not require only the smart phones or the higher end phones. This will be one of the applications that one can work and implement in real time world.

SMS Based Mobile Banking

The facilities can be supported by the bank to customers at any time. The customers can send the SMS to get the details of any facility that they require at anytime and anywhere from the world. This will act one of the useful applications for the customers to get the details of the facility with great ease. The facilities that are provided by the SMS based mobile banking application are as follows:

  • View account balance: Through this facility the customers can view the account balance in one’s account.
  • Mini statement: This facility can provide the mini statement of the last 10 transactions.
  • Transfer of funds: The details related to the funds that are transferred to your own account or the third party account can be got through this facility.
  • Status inquiry: The status of your account can be got through this facility.
  • Stop payment of cheque: This facility can stop the payment of the cheque with great ease.
  • Cheque book request: The request for the cheque book for your account can be done through this facility.
  • Changing SMS password: The request for the change of password in order to receive the SMS can be done through this facility.

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